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Unlocking the Mystery of Life

I just finished watching “Unlocking the Mystery of Life”. It is a compelling documentary that examines an idea with the power to revolutionize our understanding of life… and to unlock the mystery of its origin. In 1859, Charles Darwin published,

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A New Earth – More Critiques

Chuck Colson is just one of an ever increasing number of Evangelical Christians to raise the alarm about Eckhart Toole’s book “A New Earth”. You can read his viewpoint at the following link: The links at the end of

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Whole Hearted Recommendation

I have read many books and visited many web sites over the course of years of my existence and there is one that stands out at the forefront for sound information access and well balanced reasoning. I heartily recommend the

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The Case for Intelligent Design

I must admit that this topic is amazingly interesting. The advancements of scientific knowledge has brought to the forefront truly astonishing discoveries, and yet in many areas we seem entrenched in a humanistic gridlock that steadfastly continues to deny the

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Recommended Reading

Today, more than ever, there is a dire need to know and understand the basis by which we define and defend our Christian faith. From time to time I shall provide links to recommended articles which shed light on this

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