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Spiritual Discernment

This is a HUGE topic and this post will only cover the basics. However, I believe that the need for a Christian to have spiritual discernment has never been greater than it is today.  I have never seen such a proliferation

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Lingering Imperfections

If God let you know that it was His will for you not to put your hand on a hot burner on a stove, would it be hard or easy to obey His will? Probably easy, because in this instance,

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Recommended Videos on Intelligent Design

One of the best videos out there that explains Intelligent Design and the rationale behind it: Information Enigma Information drives the development of life. But what is the source of that information? Could it have been produced by an unguided Darwinian

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…Everyone Did As They Saw Fit

I just finished reviewing the Book of Judges in the OT and as always, I was struck by the discord and sadness that the Word of God presents. This was not a good time for Israel and yet we can

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The Tabernacle

I’m doing an Old Testament review and once again the importance of the symbolism regarding the Tabernacle, the furniture and the vestments of the Tabernacle have come to mind. There are an abundance of links available on the subject.  I

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