Positive Arguments for Christian Theism

Source: https://winteryknight.com/

WinteryKnight is an anonymous conservative evangelical Protestant Christian. You can read his background and how he came to be a Christian on his blog. I found his Dating Advice and Marriage Plan rather unique. By unique I mean that I have never encountered a singular focused perspective of serving God, as articulated in the manner that he puts forward, with regard to selecting a wife and his marriage plan. WinteryKnight is a strong advocate of Intelligent Design. He is obviously very intelligent, articulate and has a substantial following on his blog.

He states that “Being a good shepherd means understanding what God has done to lead you, and then reflecting that love back to others in practical, self-sacrificial actions that solve actual real-world problems for other people who want to know and serve God.”

These are his “Positive Arguments for Christian Theism” below. The information that is provided is very thorough. I will be going through all of them and thought that some of you might enjoy them too.