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Was Adam Originally Immortal?

Question: “Can we know if death existed prior to the fall of Adam and Eve?” Not only does this question pertain to humans (Adam and Eve) but also the various animals in the animal kingdom.  Actually this is an important question that

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Jesus Is Our Reference Point

Nabeel Qureshi currently has stomach cancer and is under going chemo treatments. His recent VLog # 6 indicated that his wife was pregnant and suffered a miscarriage. All the VLogs are available on my Nabeel Qureshi posting. I can’t help but

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Adam and Eve

Question: Can science determine if tracing back to the Biblical Adam and Eve is plausible via DNA? This is a very important question for Christianity because a significant number of critical doctrines such as Original Sin and Atonement rest on

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The Apostle Paul

The Apostle Paul has always been one of my favourite historical followers of Jesus. He worked relentlessly in spreading the Good News and left no stone unturned in promoting the Gospel. I really look forward to meeting him when I

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The Dead Sea Scrolls

Source: The Old Testament that we use today is translated from what is called the Masoretic Text. The Masoretes were Jewish scholars who between A.D. 500 and 950 gave the Old Testament the form that we use today. Until the

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Why Did the Church Reject the Gnostic Gospels?

Source: Skeptic criticism says the church cast out the Gnostic texts to retain control over dogma and to suppress minority voices.  History and thoughtful textual criticism, however, says otherwise. Although it may be surprising to some, exactly what books are

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The Real History of the New Testament Cannon

Source: The canonization of Scripture came at a crucial moment in early Christian history.  An exhaustive treatment of the historical considerations for canonization will not be achieved in this short essay but, rather, several key factors will be investigated that

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Give Encouragement – Do It!

  With all that is going on in the world, the injustice, intolerable killing of innocent children and people, wars and rumours of war, corruption in so many places and Christian values fading into the night, it is easy to

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It is becoming increasing difficult for believers in Christ to discern what is Scriptural and what is not Scriptural. The rise of the New Apostolic Reformation within the Christian Church today is a point in question. But this dilemma is

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A Moment and Our Destiny

If you haven’t read Ravi Zacharias’ latest thoughts on where we are at this point in time of our history, I would strongly encourage you to do so. It is indeed sobering, not only for us but also for our

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Darwin’s Dilemma and Where Does the Evidence Lead

Darwin’s Dilemma Filmed on four continents, this fascinating documentary examines some of the most important fossil discoveries ever made and with them, a mystery deeper than Darwin ever imagined. For the Cambrian explosion of life was actually an explosion of

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Author Douglas Axe presents his book “Undeniable”

A remarkable thing about evolutionary theory is the way it demands that we deny our intuition at almost every step. Evolutionists then assure us that the science is all figured out, so we needn’t trouble our silly heads about the

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The Apostolic and Prophetic Movement

Source: The Apostolic and Prophetic Movement “ I heard what I call the internal audible voice of the Lord…It was as clear as crystal. I heard the actual words. There was no guess-work. It was not impressions.   It was the word

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