Merry Christmas


I just finished sending a response to a post from a Christian I know (Brian Richardson aka Beejai) who is about a hundred miles from Aleppo in Syria. He had asked where the witness of the Christian Church, the body of Christ was, in addressing the gross injustice and assisting the innocent children and people in Aleppo. I had no response other than acknowledging that we could be doing so much more. We have no idea what real need is. We have no idea how blessed that we are.

Our lives are not in danger, we don’t have to worry about what we will eat or where we will sleep and  we and our children here in Canada have access to free medical assistance any time that we need it. Most of us don’t have to deal with the sorrow of losing family members this Christmas and being fearful for our children’s safety.

When I think of “Saviour” I think of Jesus. I think of my shortfalls and how Jesus basically saved me from myself and the consequences of my sins. Plus I am mindful of the many many blessings God has given me throughout my live to this very day. I need Jesus, I need what He and only He could do for me. But the Saviour is not only me, His grace is available for everyone, and that is the blessing of Christmas. The birth of Jesus is the witness of God’s love for us, our salvation.

Will I celebrate His birth, yes I will. I am so very indebted to God our Father for sending His only begotten Son, Jesus. I am so very indebted to Jesus for following through with God the Father’s will, that He (Jesus) would lay down his life for us. And most importantly, rise from the dead as He promised on the third day so that we can have faith and assurance that we are forgiven and will rise also.

Christmas is about the birth of Jesus Christ, our Saviour. It’s about God giving us the gift of His witness of His love for us, it’s about God meeting our need.  It’s about the faithfulness of Jesus. It’s about the forgiveness of our sins. Our custom of exchanging gifts on Christmas is but a small reflection of the meaning of giving. We give gifts to those who would like to have, but there is a big difference between “like to have” and “needs”.

Beejai is a witness to the love of God to those who have needs. If you feel you can help Beejai financially please do so. You can assist him via the following link:

A Merry and Blessed Christmas everyone!