Old Earth Creationism Roadmap

Bible, Creation, and Science

Understanding skepticism that can be introduced into a conversation with a non-Christian who is sincerely looking for answers, when discussing the Bible and Science, and especially when talking about the creation of the universe and our earth, can be perplexing and difficult without a good understanding of the subject matter. The link directly below provides a roadmap per se, of the top 5 recommended books on this particular subject, and is highly recommended.

A highly recommended bonus 6th book is also included.

via Top 5 Books on the Bible, Creation, and Science — Faithful Thinkers- Defending God’s Existence and Compatibility of Science with God and the Bible

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  1. […] I reposted an excellent post put out by Faithful Thinkers which I called: Old Earth Creationism Roadmap The original post by Faithful Thinkers was The Top 5 Books on the Bible, Creation and Science If […]


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