Case-Making 101: Why Do Christians Need To Understand and Practice Apologetics?

Christian Apologetics

If you’ve never considered Christian Apologetics this is the post for you!


Case Making 101 Why Do All Christians Need To Be Case Making Apologists

Worthy is the Lamb! Blessings!


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7 comments on “Case-Making 101: Why Do Christians Need To Understand and Practice Apologetics?
  1. Adam Desmond says:

    I don’t think understanding and following orthodoxy is the same as apologetics. I believe apologetics attempts to prove that Christianity is based on a reasonable faith. But is Christianity really reasonable by the world’s standards? Is it reasonable that God loves us so much that He sent His only Son to die for us? Is it reasonable that while we’ve been saved from the penalty of sin, we haven’t been saved from the presence or power of sin yet? Is it reasonable that we believe there is one God in three persons?

    • Bruce says:

      Hi Adam, how about we agree to disagree? I understand what you are saying but … using reason to authenticate the resurrection as the Apostle Paul does is totally within the realm of apologetics. Blessings!

      • Adam Desmond says:

        In the post you link to, the author writes:

        “To follow the commands given in Scripture and head the warnings of Jesus and the Apostles we need to get equipped by practicing the art of Christian Apologetics:”

        That isn’t the same as authenticating orthodox teaching.

      • Bruce says:

        Preaching the Gospel is part of following the commands given in Scripture and using apologetics (reason) to preach the Gospel is widely used throughout the NT. Orthodox teaching has more to do with theology and we are talking about a different level of commitment there. Inside the room versus outside the room.

  2. Adam Desmond says:

    My point is, apologetics seems to say, “Follow these teachings because they make sense.”

    In my opinion, we should follow Christ because of our relationship with Him, even when it doesn’t make sense.

    • Bruce says:

      Hi Adam, I understand and agree but … to the non-believer it usually takes reason to get him or her to that place. Hence … enter apologetics.

  3. Adam Desmond says:

    Reason can only ever open the door. Faith takes you through it.

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