Meet Teri Dugan – Christian Apologist

Teri Dugan

Teri Dugan (with sunglasses) is an impressive Christian Apologist.

Teri Dugan is a graduate of Biola University’s M.A. in Apologetics Program. She also holds an M.A. in Education from California State University, Long Beach and currently teaches Biology, Anatomy and Physiology at Lynwood High School in California. Teri has also coached the Girls’ Varsity Tennis and Softball teams at Lynwood and now sponsors the Christian On Campus Ministry Club. She teaches evening Christian Apologetics classes at her home Church, Sea Coast Grace in Cypress, California.

Her website is located at the following link:

The reason I am creating a post on Teri is because I find that she is very thorough and basically leaves no stone unturned when presenting a specific case for Christianity. If you are looking for a resource that provides easy to understand case information for some of the primary Christian Apologetic arguments, her website is highly recommended.

All of Teri’s posts are very good and I was really tempted to list more that four of her posts. If you have the time please check out all of her posts. However, there are four of her posts in particular that I would like to draw your attention to.  Some of them are a little lengthy but well worth the time investment.

  1. Evidence for the Existence of God The Teleological Argument
  2. A Case for God’s Existence The Cosmological Argument
  3. A case for God’s Existence The Moral Argument
  4. A Case for the Creator  Intelligent Design vs Evolution

Teri’s posts are often reblogged by other leading Christian Apologists and when you go through some you will understand why.

Teri also has an excellent resource page on her website which I also highly recommend:

Had to add this, came out on 20th & 22ND May and they are excellent:

case-making-101-does-the-new-testament-give-us-historically-reliable-information-about-jesus/  PART ONE

case-making-101-how-were-the-books-of-the-bible-decided/  PART TWO

Worthy is the Lamb! Blessings!


  1. Great info. She is not far from me, either! Will definitely read some of her posts. Thanks Bruce!


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