Ya, I know, horsefeathers is right up there with words like hogwash, humbug and the like. There’s a reason to my madness, hang in there with me.

For some unknown reason my brain seems to function best early in the morning. I have no idea why but my thoughts are clearer and I seem to be able to chase ideas better. Early this morning after asking God for help with this post, this thought came into my mind, did Jesus ever laugh?

Although the Bible doesn’t record Jesus laughing I am sure He did. Jesus experienced every emotion that we experience today, He felt loneliness, rejection (Mark 6:1–6; Isaiah 53:3), anger (Mark 11:15), sadness (John 11:35), and fear (Matthew 26:42). Jesus is able to empathize with our human struggles because He has experienced every human emotion.

We have been blessed with a relatively new granddaughter (one and a half years old) and for some unknown reason she really has taken a liking to “Papa”. Tell me that isn’t a gift. Her name is Josephine, “Joe” for short. Alright, if you insist … here is her picture.


She’s standing on the island in our kitchen after grabbing a couple of cookies from our cookie jar. Jesus loved and loves children. Matter of fact one of His greatest truths is how children trust and how that type of trust is needed to enter into the Kingdom of God. Children were drawn to Jesus, and Jesus stated that children should be able to run to Him unhindered (Matthew 19:14).

Because Jesus experienced the emotions I’ve already listed, I think it’s pretty safe to say He also experienced joy, surprise and lightheartedness. Because we are created in His image, I’m pretty sure that we get our sense of humour from Him. And the love that springs out of our hearts for our family and others, that comes from God too.

A number of times when I have been speaking to someone, the Holy Spirit witnesses to me of the love that God has for that person and it is a beautiful thing. So easy to pass that love on. Sure wish that happened more often. Sure wish that I had that love that originates from God continually in my heart for all that I encounter. Thinking that is a time project.

Nabeel Qureshi said he had a dream recently where He saw Jesus and Nabeel was surprised on how young Jesus was. And Jesus hugged him. That’s my Jesus.

I’ve told this story before but it bears repeating.

A number of years ago, during my morning prayers, I felt an urge to tell God that I needed a hug. It may sound silly but that is how I felt. I even explained to Him how I knew He was a spirit etc but I still felt like I needed a hug from Him. Finished my prayers, went off to work, came home, ate supper with my family etc. In the early evening I became aware of an almost overwhelming urge that I needed to go to a Christian Summer camp meeting. I had seen a sign on the road about it as I drove home from work. I told my wife about the overwhelming feeling I had and asked her if it was alright if I went and she said go ahead. We had three children at that time and this was about the time that we put them to bed.

I drove to the meeting, it was a Pentecostal church camp building and I went inside. I sat at the back. The Pastor was speaking and then he invited anyone who needed a blessing or prayer to come up to the front of the room. Normally when an invitation like this is given people come forward right away. No one moved. Not one. I heard a voice in my mind saying that I needed to go to the front. I stood up and walked forward. As I walked forward, others followed behind me. I knelt and the others behind me formed a horizontal line and did likewise. The Pastor went from person to person, laid his hands on each person’s head and said a prayer. He came to me and did likewise. Nothing exceptional happened. I got up and was walking away when an off duty Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) officer came up to me and said, “I don’t know who you are but God told me to give you a hug”.

What a beautiful and loving God we have. How beautiful He orchestrated this. I will never forget His loving kindness as long as I live. I would have missed this if I hadn’t responded to the leading of His Holy Spirit and gone to the meeting. I would have missed this if my wife hadn’t been open to her putting the children to bed alone. I would have missed this if I had stayed at the back of the room and then gone home.

That’s the kind of loving God that I serve. He touches my heart like no other. How fortunate I am that He knows me better than I know myself and yet He still loves me. In the quiet of the morning I will praise His name. I will thank Him for reaching out and saving me. For saving my marriage, and for saving some of my family (He’s working on the others!).

It’s crossed my mind that we’re always looking for more confirmation, more evidence, more science that validates the wonder of God’s creation. And that’s fine, I understand that, I do that myself.  But it’s the human qualities of God that draw me to Him, the qualities that originate from Him, like love, joy, laughter, justice, mercy and His wonderful grace. And God the Father, in His wisdom, knew that, knew that was needed, it’s one of the reasons why He sent us His Son. I know that I will never understand many things about God and I know that there will always be questions that I don’t have answers to while I am in this body.

If you wait for all the questions to be answered and all knowledge to be understood before you commit your life to Jesus, it will never happen. It’s called faith, trust, believing. Jesus meets you where you are. He loves you as you are. He wants to transform you, make you like He is. And it all starts with that trust like a little child, in who He is and what He has done for you.

Does God laugh? Yes He does. It’s one of the reasons why I love Him.

Worthy is the Lamb! Blessings!


  1. Joe is precious. Hug her as often as you can. Those days will soon be past. You may not be there but she will remember. Teach her about Jesus with every hug. Thank you sharing this. Have a blessed day. The Lord waits to bless.


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