Harvard Scientists Write the Book on Intelligent Design—in DNA

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A recent post by Dr. Fazale Rana at Reasons to Believe is really noteworthy with regards to the work that is being done with DNA. If you aren’t aware of the advances being made with DNA being used as a data storage system , it really is worth becoming aware of. The link to the recent post is directly below.


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One comment on “Harvard Scientists Write the Book on Intelligent Design—in DNA
  1. RJ Dawson says:

    Excellent article, Bruce. Thanks. It still amazes me how powerful the inclination to disbelieve remains when so much clear scientific evidence of a Creator exists. It is no longer the case that Creator skeptics must be won to the truth using data, because the data is here and it has been here for a while now. It is more a case of overcoming the spiritual power of blindness and disinformation, and the refusal to admit sin and surrender to the very Creator they refuse to acknowledge. Keep up the good work.

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