The Rainbow Flag


I have been considering doing another post on the LGBTQ movement within our society and within the Christian Church for sometime. Anyone who has done any research on this issue knows that there are literally volumes and volumes of viewpoints readily available to peruse. I produced one previous post where a Christian father (Alex Crain) in the United States produced a heart felt overview of his logic and concerns regarding the Rainbow Flag which I thought encapsulated my personal feelings to a “T”. The link to his response to the rainbow flag is here and I would encourage you to take the time to read it.

The Rainbow Flag

I’m going to directly quote three points that the author stated just to show you the tone of his article:

  1. Christians aren’t out to judge others as if we’re somehow better in and of ourselves. We simply embrace God’s unchanging standard of morality and dare to differ with those who would assault it, change it, or ignore it. Human beings are frail, fallen, and limited in knowledge. Rather than trust our own wisdom, we ought to seek truth from a time-tested source. The Bible can be trusted. It’s the anvil of truth that has worn out the critic’s hammer throughout the ages.
  2. Christians admit that they’re sinners and point to Christ as the solution for broken people who, like us, have gone against God’s healthy design for their lives. We’re no better than anyone. The solution is not to ignore God’s moral standard though. Nor is it ultimately helpful to try to change it by misinterpreting the Bible.
  3. The Christian hope for homosexuals is not heterosexuality, but holiness. We’re not trying to make gays straight but take them straight to Jesus, just as we would anyone ensnared by sin. Once they trust Him, He gives them His perfect righteousness, frees them from sin, and changes them from the inside out (Titus 2:11-14).

Alex’s article is a few years old now but I still think he did a beautiful job and masterfully covered how I feel about this subject and I suspect many others will too.

But there are other aspects to this issue that need to be voiced, believers who have same sex attractions or preferences, yet remain celibate within the church. One such individual is David Bennett and his perspective is

We need to consider him and the pain that he experiences, from within the church.

Finally, we need to take a good hard look at the whole subject of homosexuality as explained within our Bible. There are a host of books and articles that do this but one that I can recommend is from It is lengthy but thorough and we need thorough.

The link to the article is here: homosexuality-biblical-christian-view

There is also this video by Ravi Zacharias on homosexuality that I would recommend.

Plus one more by Sean McDowell …

Bear with me, one more from William Craig PhD:


Sin is sin. It doesn’t matter if it is pornography, abortion or homosexuality. And all of us are subject to sin while we walk in this body, all of us. As redeemed Christians we ought to demonstrate the love of God to sinners, without exception. The reason Jesus came to earth was to save sinners, ourselves included. That means recognize those within the LBGTQ movement as lost souls that need the saving grace that God the Father has provided through His Son Jesus Christ, just like us. It means welcoming them into our home or church if they come to our door. Official church membership, probably not so much. Partake in communion, not if they are still practising homosexuals, but if they are celibate, and have given their hearts to Jesus, definitely.

But What About …..

No, it does not mean condoning their lifestyle, performing same sex marriages, or any viewpoint or service that violates our faith and belief in God. But our attitude about accepting sinners needs to demonstrate the love of God. Is it easy, no it isn’t. But remember, once we were just like them, sinners who deserved to be separated from God’s love.  At the minimum, we ought to extend the hand of friendship IF they are honestly looking to God for direction, for answers, for peace within. God did not close the door to us when we called to Him, we do not have the right to close that door to them when they come to us looking for answers.

Worthy is the Lamb! Blessings!




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