The Smorgasbord Of Faith


Luke 18:8 NIV “I tell you, he will see that they get justice, and quickly. However, when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on the earth?”

Anyone who thinks that coming to terms with the barrage of choices that faces someone who is looking for spiritual answers today is easy, is either naive or sorely misinformed. Personally I think Satan is having a field day and it can be disheartening. Not disheartening in the sense that it erodes our faith but disheartening in the sense that there are so many “issues” that cloud the “truth”.

I could list those that I am aware of but I don’t want to do that. Not because I can’t but because I don’t want to give Satan any “in the news” time. Diabolical is a word that comes to mind and there are countless thousands and hundreds of thousands who get swept up into the misleading distractions that are laid before humanity. And Satan doesn’t really care which one you select, as long as you select one that will lead you away from the Truth. 

Pride is more often than not the vehicle of choice for Satan, because it personifies the way he thinks, furthers his goals, and goes right to the root of the original problem. We can be like God or be gods. This thinking comes in many shades and forms and the array is staggering. Probably one of the best illustrations of this evolution of so called new found spiritual wisdom is Oprah Winfrey. I’m not going to go into any detail here either because from a Christian worldview perspective, her story is also disheartening.

My concern is for the new Christians, for our youth and ultimately our society. This is the society that our children and grandchildren are going to be facing. Things aren’t looking good. There are minefields everywhere and the vast majority of humanity isn’t even aware that they are there. The really scary part is that a good portion of the Christian Church, in all of it’s varied formats, isn’t aware of the minefields either. Yes, I know, I’m starting to sound like one of those alarmists that think the sky is falling.

Sometimes you just have to get back to the basics, to the simplicity of the Gospel, to the simplicity of the truth. Fortunately we are not left without a roadmap, we are not left alone, we are not left to our own devices. And make no mistake about it, we do need a roadmap, we do need a Helper, we do need to be in Jesus.

Sometimes my mind gets tired, tired of all the diversions that I see, tired of rehashing the basics of Christian theology, tired of the magnitude of sheer garbage that occupies our minds and desires. No, I am not disheartened, but we need to focus, we desperately need to take a good hard look at what our society is going through and make a decision to build the Church so that there is opposition to Satan’s ploy. It’s hard to imagine the flood gates of deception getting any stronger but I’m thinking this is only the beginning. And like Jesus says, when He returns, will there be any faith left on this earth? 

What is our roadmap? God’s Word, plain and simple.

What is the truth? Jesus is the truth, plain and simple.

Who is our Helper? The Holy Spirit is our Helper, plain and simple.

Who do we need to be immersed in? We need to abide in Jesus, plain and simple.

Do all professing Christians need to study Christian Apologetics so that we can give a reasonable answer to those who inquire about our faith? Absolutely. That is a no brainer. That is where “forensic faith” can come into play as expounded upon by J. Warner Wallace of Cold Case Christianity.  There are many others, see my Christian Resources page. Basically this means studying and being conversant with the facts that support our faith in Christ. Does studying take time, yes it does but our youth and new Christians are going to need help in answering their questions and if we don’t have answers for them, you can be assured that the “world”, is more than ready to lead them off the path that leads to eternal life.

Do all professing Christians need to be more conversant with God’s revelation to us through His word, the Bible? Yes we do. That also is a no brainer. Jesus said that my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Jesus also said that He was the truth, the way and the life. Does studying God’s Word take time? Yes it does but once again, new Christians and our youth are going to need answers to their questions and if we don’t have them, who will they turn to? There are no short cuts to studying God’s Word. You can’t just feed on “Coles Notes”. You have to get into God’s Word so that God’s Word gets into you. I could quote numerous Scriptures verses here but you should already know them, they should come easily to your mind. If they don’t, why don’t they?

Should all professing Christians be familiar with relying on the resource God has given us, His Holy Spirit, to guide us through our daily walk on this planet? You know the answer or you should. This is where we spend time in prayer, daily. Jesus is the vine, we are the branches, without Him we can do nothing. That connection is vital, not optional. We can’t pass on this Godly wisdom to our youth or new Christians if we aren’t conversant with it ourselves. Studying God’s Word and spending time with Him in prayer transforms us, it is part of the process whereby we are sanctified, being made holy while at the same time, being looked on by God as already holy, because of our faith in His Son, Jesus Christ.  All professing Christians should know this. If you don’t, why not?

Should all professing Christians be familiar with what it means to abide in Christ? You know where I am going with this. Read Romans and multiple other Old and New Testament scriptures. The reality of Jesus living within us is the basis of the New Birth. His Holy Spirit dwelling or tabernacling within us, the Kingdom of God within us, our flesh dying and His Spirt growing within us, being baptized into His death and Resurrection. These are the basics. It’s what the scriptures proclaim, it’s what the Apostles and early disciples lived, it’s why the Church grew and turned the world as it was, upside down.


How can we possibly fight against the barrage that Satan has laid out for humanity to pick from? The answer is simple. we can’t. And that same answer applies right across the board, regardless of what area of man’s attempts to ignore our shortcomings and replace it with promises of fulfillment through self realization. From God’s perspective, none of it will work, hence the reason for the Gospel, God’s answer to the real problem.

Is my logic simplistic, maybe it is, but I am aware of those things which I can do and those things which I cannot do and most importantly, what God calls me to do. I focus on God’s revelation – what I believe is truth. I focus on God’s answer – Jesus. I focus on what builds me up, not on what takes me down – God’s Word. I focus on communion with God – prayer and focus on abiding in Christ.

Did I always do this? Nope. Not even close. I failed, failed miserably. But God in His grace called me back and this is where I now stand. I can’t change what I did yesterday but I can change what I do today and tomorrow. If you are in the same boat that I was, it’s not too late to change course. God forgives when we confess our sins, He lifts our load, He brings light where there is darkness. God asks us to be part of His solution, not part of the problem. That’s about as basic as you can get.

Worthy is the Lamb! Blessings!