Graham Cooke’s Aglow International Prophetic Message


I’ve already posted a couple of investigative articles on Graham Cooke’s perilous teachings and his loose affiliation with the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) movement (click on the preceding link for a quick overview of it’s background and doctrinal issues) within some Christian Churches. You can view these previous posts by doing a Search for “Graham Cooke” on my main blog page. These posts continue to receives hundreds and hundreds of hits and are some of the most popular posts on this blog, which testify that there is a dire need for additional close scrutiny on Graham Cooke’s “decrees”, teachings and Prophetic Messages to various Christian organizations.

If you haven’t taken the time to look at the NAR movement, you should, because it’s growth continues and it won’t be long before it’s tentacles reach out to a church close to you or possibly your own church. A quick review of NAR’s beliefs can be viewed here. If you are looking for a long list of links that provide detailed information on the NAR movement, check the bottom of the page at the above link I provided. There is also an excellent web site that is dedicated to educating and opposing the heretical teachings of the NAR movement that is maintained by Holly Pivec, who has a master’s degree in Christian apologetics from Biola University in Southern California.

To be honest, I am dumbfounded as to why MORE influential Christian Apologists have not addressed this vitally important issue. Not only do Christian Apologists have a responsibility to teach evidential Christianity but we also have a responsibility to warn what is not orthodox Evangelical Christian doctrine.

Many orthodox Evangelical Christian Churches have taken notice of the NAR movement and have issued strong warnings against it’s heretical teachings but unfortunately, many have not. What they teach and what they propose is “another” Gospel, and to ignore their intrusion into orthodox Evangelical Christian churches is a grievous error. As Jesus indicated in Matthew 22:29 NIV “Jesus replied, “You are in error because you do not know the Scriptures or the power of God.”

Also note 2 Timothy 4:3 which states “For the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear.”

If this “Prophetic Message” by Graham Cooke isn’t a prime example of a departure from sound doctrine, I don’t know what is. And yet, thousands upon thousands of professing Christians are being swept up in this “New Gospel”. When Jesus instructed the Apostle Peter to feed His sheep, when the Apostle Paul taught the church about sound doctrine, it included the warnings about the wolves dressed as sheep and the false prophets to come.

What follows is a lengthy “Prophetic Message” that was delivered by Graham Cooke to Aglow International in Washington, D.C. on the 28th of September 2008. I’m not knocking Aglow International, but if you click on the link above for Aglow International, you will quickly get an idea of how many women this is touching. Yes, I know this is a few years ago but what is of importance is the message that is being delivered. I will use Bold Text to highlight portions of the message from Graham Cooke which correlate with the teachings of the NAR movement so that there can be no confusion as to what the objectives of the “message” are.

Please note the subtlety and emphasis of setting up God’s Kingdom on earth now, note the emphasis on the “old way” is no more, that the “new way” is through dreams, that we must abandon the old to receive the new. Note the new anointing, new knowledge, new wisdom, new authority being given to believers, the introduction of New Age Ancient pathways. Note the need for Apostolic Prophets to bring you into the Kingdom. Note the appeal to receiving more, to being approved, to being chosen. Note the twisting of scriptures where the verbal approval of God the Father upon God the Son is transferred to the Aglow women. Note how God’s Word is put aside to “it’s rightful level” and the new revelation replaces it. Note the lie that God put Himself in a box (the Ark of the Covenant) when in fact He manifested Himself on the Mercy Seat above the Ark of the Covenant. But I digress, read it for yourself…..



You know, God has a dream about church, and this is not it. This is not what the Father, Son and Holy Spirit talked about before the dawn of time. This is not it!

I find so many things remarkable about God, utterly astonishing, in fact. One of them is that the scripture says that Jesus was slain before the foundations of the world were set in place. Before God said, “Let there be,” He had already worked it out and that is intentionality.

He had already worked it out! Mankind would fall and need to be redeemed and Jesus had already said, “I’ll do it.”

There has been one unyielding thing in the Father’s heart, one single purpose in His mind that He has held true in spite of everything humanity has done. One purpose, and one purpose behind everything He has done, and that was to provide an eternal companion for His Son.

It has always been about romance. From the first day until the last, it has been to provide a bride for His Son. When you understand the depth of that intentionality, you have got to come to understand the depth of God’s passion for you.

When Jesus came into the earth, He wasn’t God pretending to be a man. He was a man, living in right relationship with God. He was a man who observed His Father and only did what His Father was doing, only said what His Father was saying and He came to talk about heaven. He came to brag on His Father and to talk about the Holy Spirit. He came to destroy the works of the devil and He came to restore joy, goodness and kindness to the earth. He came to bring heaven to earth. That is His passion. On earth as it is in heaven. Nothing more, and definitely nothing less.

He came to a people group who had lost sight of His glory, who in the end brought everything down to a set of rules. We would say oppressed people. Does that sound familiar to you? Brought it down to just a religious community that brought no relation to what heaven is really like. He came to His own and His own couldn’t receive Him because He was so radically different.

I have a question here. If Jesus came to America, could He be a Christian? I don’t think so. Certainly He wouldn’t want to be a charismatic and He wouldn’t want to be an evangelical. I don’t think Jesus could be a Christian in this church environment. He would have to come to us and say these words, “You have heard it said, but now I say to you.” He would have to come to us and say, “Beloved, I love you, but this is not it. This is not it. This is not it. This is not anywhere close to it. It is in one country and you are in another. This is not it!

And this is not what I died for. I died to restore heaven to earth. I died to restore the Kingdom of glory and majesty and sovereignty. I didn’t die so you could be a conservative and hide behind your walls. I didn’t die for that! I died to make you outrageous!”

God does not have a conservative bone in His body. Read the book. It talks about someone outrageous. Every page. Every chapter. Something radical, the way of the Lord. different.

What are conservatives trying to conserve exactly? We are but a pale shadow of the glory of God. All of this is changing. The Father is coming back to the house that should belong to Him, yet doesn’t. He is coming back and saying to us, “You need to prepare the way of the Lord. Not the Lord that you think I am, but the Lord that I really am.”

The Father has a dream about His church. It is a dream where sickness cannot live. I am completely nonplussed by the statement, “We are a Bible believing church,” and yet they have no power. I don’t understand that. It doesn’t compute. How can you be Bible believing and yet have a theology of powerlessness? That doesn’t make sense to anybody. No wonder we are a laughing stock in the earth.

The Father has a dream….on earth as it is in heaven. He has a dream of millions upon millions upon millions of people set free. He has a dream about churches being vibrant communities being full of worship, full of power, full of outrageous things going on, full of laughter and love.

He has a dream where people come together to have encounters together with Him. He has a dream where His word is written on people’s hearts and not memorized in their head. He has a dream about a church that is powerful, is beautiful, and is dreadful to the enemy. He has a dream, and a passion, about a bunch of people in the earth so radically affected by Him that they are totally vulnerable and susceptible to heaven.

The Father has a dream about a community of people in the earth that are just like Him….unchangeable, unshakeable, unstoppable. He has a dream that people are living in Ephesians 3:20…”My God can do all things abundantly above and beyond all that we can ask or think.” My question is….what is beyond thinking?

Seriously, if God is doing abundantly beyond all we can think, what is beyond thinking? Surely that would be dreaming. You know why God gave you an imagination? Because mentally and intellectually you cannot contain all the knowledge there is to know about God. There are some revelations about God you can only access through visions and dreams. That is why He gives people vision and dreams. That is a way of expanding things beyond their logic.

God is not logical. He is intuitive. He is not reasonable, he is creative and he is much too clever to be an intellectual. He is full of wisdom and He is beautiful and He is incredible and in order to represent Him, you have to be beautiful and incredible. That is how it works. As He is, so are we in this world.

We are living in days when God is taking us from our current level of mediocrity up to our rightful level where the world looks at us with astonishment because that is the way they looked at Jesus. Remember, Jesus was a man in right relationship with God. He was a man modeling that this is what you can do. All these things I am doing, you can do, because He was a man in right relationship with God.

You need to prepare.

These are days when we are being restored to our rightful place. This is a place so far above where we are…we are going to need a space rocket to get there. I think God has something in mind. Seriously, beloved, we are so far behind our own development it is embarrassing. That is why there is a Divine acceleration in the earth. That is why there is a quickening Spirit abroad in the earth right now.

God is accelerating our development because we are playing catch up. We are! That is the name of the game right now. We are playing catch up with all that God wants us to be. We have to catch up to the real anointing and we have to stop messing around in the shallows and get out into the deep things of God. And in order for that to happen, God He needs a company of people that He needs, and requires, a company of people who are going to go off the deep end and can use as a visual aid to the earth.

He needs a company of people that He can use as a visual aid to the earth. He is looking for a prototype. I believe that God is building prototype churches all over the world right now. That His people, who will no longer be business as usual, who are after something more.

There are millions of people leaving the church in North America. They aren’t leaving it because they have lost their faith; they are leaving it because they want to find it. God has no allegiance at all to a religious system. We are discovering that in these days. These are going to be extraordinary days, the like of which America has never seen in her church experience. These are extraordinary days.

So it is with that backdrop in mind, that I feel that the second part of my assignment this weekend is to prophecy what I feel the Lord is saying to Aglow in these times. That is the backdrop, and I want to go a little further back.

Here is what I sense has been happening the past couple of years. The Holy Spirit has been, and I believe still is, brooding over this movement. There is a new move of the Spirit that has been coming into Aglow steadily for the past few years, certainly since I was last with you guys in Phoenix, Arizona. At that time you could see there was an acceleration upon you and a continuous move of the Spirit in your midst.

Whenever God begins to do something new, chaos comes to the order of what we are familiar with. Now we like to quote verses like, “everything must be done decently and in order.” My question always is, whose order are we talking about here?

When God begins to do something new, and bring in something new, there is a necessary season of chaos. Chaos is like a clutter, a disarray, there is a muddle. It feels like something is happening, but nothing is happening. You are in this place where you don’t like where you are and you are not sure about where you are going and when God starts to talk about it, you want to go back. It is that kind of thing. It makes you nervous. It makes you edgy. You feel out of sorts.

Chaos comes to us because God is changing the order by which we know Him and by which we function with Him in our giftings. There comes a point when the old way of doing things is going into the ground but the new thing is barely visible and God messes with our vision.

I was talking to a bunch of guys a while back, and they said, “We really want you to come and help with a 20 year vision.” I started laughing and said, “Dude, there is no such thing.” You’d be lucky if you get 6 months out with God. God is not giving His vision right now, He is giving us Himself!

The whole thing is, God will not give vision to the functionality of your ministry. He gives vision to your relationship with Him. So when God messes with your vision, it is because He wants to give you Himself. And so the best way to get into a deeper place of vision is to come and spend time in worship.

Every movement goes through a season where worship is on God’s agenda and if anything else is on your agenda, you are just flat out going to miss God. Because He will not commit you to a new level of anointing and gifting in ministry unless you’ve gone to a new level of anointing in your relationship. If you go to a level of anointing and gifting in ministry and your relationship, and your rest and peace in God has not been upgraded, you are going to get killed out there.

He will not commit you to a new level of anointing and gifting in ministry unless you’ve gone to a new level of anointing in your relationship.

God is brooding over you. We see it in creation. In Genesis 1 the Spirit is brooding over what God is creating. He says for a necessary length of time, in part of that brooding, everything is without form and void. You lose your shape. Your vision somehow seems to be oppressive to you.

The Hebrew phrase for that is tohu bohu, without form and void. I’ve had many tohu bohu times in my life when God has been wanting to take me to a different level and I’m out there enjoying myself in the ministry and suddenly I can’t even spell anointing, much less sense one. For a while, I don’t even know which side is up. It is tohu bohu, nothing seems to work. You spend 2 hours trying to get a break through that 2 months ago, you could have gotten in 10 minutes. The axe is dull, tohu bohu. I am without form and void. And I think my name is Graham and I can’t even spell that as well.

The biggest danger to a new move of God is the old one that is still working. Sometimes the old serves us so well and is now void, but the new has not yet taken shape and we cannot recognize it. Beloved, this is the time of dreaming. When that is happening, God is saying, just dream for awhile with Me. If you can lay aside…if you can just come and say, “Lord, we just making an offering to You of our vision and our ministry, we lay it at Your feet.” What He will say is, “Okay, you pursue Me over here, and build up your relationship, and come into a new place of intimacy, and we will still go out and do all the stuff. I will bless you, and increase you, but you won’t have to do anything, I will just show up. You concentrate on this and I will help you in that.”

But if we concentrate on that, at the expense of this, He will resist us. I’ve learned this. There comes a time when you have to lay down all that you do. Martha has to lay everything down because we need to be Marys for awhile. We still do the Martha thing, and it gets done, but we don’t know how it gets done.

That is when the Father says, don’t pray about the ministry, just do it and I’ll be with you. There have been times when the Father has rebuked me and said, “Graham, are you praying about the ministry? What did I say, son? You pray about Me and you. You seek Me and you. You come to a new place of worship. I don’t want you to talk to Me about the ministry, but when you go out there, I will bless you.”

I have actually gone into times of increase in the ministry while I’ve not even been concerned about it. That is a strange time. That is kind of a strange tohu bohu all by itself, because we are so used to praying for breakthrough….no, don’t pray for breakthrough only, pray for breakthrough for yourself. I’ll get the breakthrough over here. It’s a brilliant thing. I think we are in that place right now.

Hear the Father saying to you, “Don’t be praying about the ministry now. Pray about what is happening between you and Me. It is a time for you and Me to come into a deeper place of relationship and fellowship. I want you to see something new about Me. I want you to catch hold of Me in a whole fresh way. Yes, I’ll take care of all the Martha stuff; you come and be a Mary right now. That is what I want. Choose the good thing.”

This is a time of desire and conception, new ideas, fresh vision. A yearning for something more about who Jesus is, a yearning for more in terms of the ministry.

We know right now that there is a level coming to us, here in Aglow, that will make everything we have done seem like Sunday school. No disrespect intended. I believe the jump, the leap, the step, the level that God is putting in front of us is as high as anything we’ve ever done. If you take all the 40 plus years of Aglow, I think that we are at a critical point in our history when God is saying that is the sum total of all the height you have made, but in this next single step, you are going to do this. You are going to go to a level unprecedented in your thinking and your planning.

It is hard to talk about, and it is difficult to express. It is tohu bohu. We are going to be losing our grip on the functionality of ministry and yet everything will work just as fine. We are going to go into a deeper place of relationship with the Father. What does that mean? I think we are going to be doing ministry on autopilot for awhile. Even having an increase of anointing. The Spirit is brooding over you and He is creating something new.

How many of you have, in recent times, felt a sadness, an air of despondency, even a boredom in terms of what you are doing? It is like I’m going through the motions, but I don’t know what else to do. I know there is something more, but you are just doing what you know and you know this isn’t it any longer. Welcome to tohu bohu. Some of you have even considered your place in the movement, thinking, is this where I should be? You are in the place of tohu bohu and nothing makes sense, but thanks for waiting and not moving.

The Holy Spirit is brooding over you and stirring up your depths. It is not the enemy that is at work, even though he is trying to capitalize to bring confusion. It isn’t him. He would love to take the credit, but he is a liar anyway. How many of you has been going into warfare about this thing and haven’t seen a breakthrough? That is because breakthrough is not required through battle. God is giving you a new life. Girl, you are pregnant.

A new life is forming. You are carrying something new in the Spirit. Something that I believe has never been seen in the world of the church. Something that has never been felt in this magnitude in the Kingdom. What we read in the Bible was just a starter kit. You should not look at the book of Acts and say, let’s get back there. We are not going back to anything. That is You are carrying something new in the spirit,  why there is absolutely no point in studying the history of past revivals, because God isn’t going to do it that way anyway. He is doing something new.

Jesus said, “Greater things than these shall you do.” What does that mean? We are going to be doing things that are not in the Bible. We are going to be doing things that are not in the gospels. Because He said, “Greater things than this.” That makes Bible believing a lot more interesting.

There are many new forms of life that are going to be birthed in the Spirit in these days. This next time, this next season. I believe the anointing, and the vision of Aglow is about to change forever. New forms of ministry and mission. New times of ministry. New types of missionaries. A different and more radical leadership. That is not a criticism it is an observation of where these people are going. A new order will be established. You are pregnant with permission. New dreams are forming. New life taking shape and you have this growing season ahead of you, a time set aside where you can do business as usual with the Lord and can even go to new heights of power and authority, but all the time, you are still preparing for something new.

It is like you are in this season of overlap where you are moving into something new. At the same time what you have been doing is going to a new height. Don’t get pulled in by that, though. Don’t think that because you have a new increase of anointing and authority in what you have been doing that this is the new move.

The new move is relationship first. You are going to a deeper level of relationship with God. You are going to have your eyes opened to see who He really is and, almost like Moses, you are going to get a vision about something regarding God that totally wrecks your world. Everyone of us in this room is going to see God differently and we are going to fall more in love with Him as a result of that and you are going to see something about an aspect of God’s personality for you that will set you up for years to come. It will bring you into a brand new experience of wisdom and revelation in your knowledge of Him.

These are extraordinary days, where everything that you have seen in church, everything you have known about God in church, has not prepared you for what God is about to do. So the old mandate is disappearing, but it is going to end in high honour and achievement because God gave the mandates you have been working on and when they end they are going to end in a place of honour and achievement. Then they are going to be replaced by something absolutely truly magnificent, the stuff of dreams.

It is important for you to feel the weight of something deeper and more powerful. I believe many thousands of Aglow people around the earth have been moved into a place of dreaming and desire. Some days you catch yourself thinking outside your own box, wondering, “What about this, what about that, where are we going, what is happening, I want more than this.

This is what I sense in the Spirit. Ancient levels of power are opening up in a new way and they are opening up to you. On the mount of transfiguration when Jesus appeared with Moses and Elijah, He was opening up the ancient path ways of God and man in a new way and it is happening now, again, today, and it is happening in this movement. It is like the Deliverer and the Restorer are moving with the Redeemer in your midst. This is your inheritance! This is your inheritance! This is your inheritance! This is YOUR inheritance! This is your inheritance! This is your inheritance. There is a shift going on right now where you are moving away from God meeting your needs. You are moving into a place of provision unprecedented in your history.

You have a new persona as a company.

You have a new persona as a company and a word I believe has been spoken over Aglow from heaven and the church must hear it. It is a kingdom word and it can only be heard, understood, and acted upon by apostolic personal – people who really understand the nature of the Kingdom and what the Kingdom is. See there are church people and there are kingdom people. There are churches that are kingdom communities and there are churches that can’t even spell kingdom.

This is the word that I believe God is releasing over you, “This is My Beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased, listen to Him.” What I sense in Aglow is the Son and the bride merging together. That creates a whole different dynamic. This is not an arranged marriage. Jesus is walking the earth, He is courting us. We are not the bride of Christ yet, so that means we are all the girlfriends of God. Turn to your neighbor and say, “Hello, girlfriend.” Truly interesting when you see that happen. All the girls go, ‘hello girlfriend!’ And all the guys go, ‘Dude.’

What I sense is this, a new Beloved is emerging. Relationships change you. Passionate love changes you. It changes who you are. You become different with that person than you were before. In our relationship with God, we become different as He courts us. As His passion takes hold of us, we continue to become different people. So it is like a new Beloved is emerging, and what I see about Aglow is a new Beloved corporately emerging. We are going to get a sneak preview of the Bride of Christ and who she is becoming next.

With this new Beloved comes a power beyond imagining. We have not even scratched the surface of the resources of heaven in terms of power for miracles, signs and wonders. We are still dabbling around in the shallows, and God is looking for a pilot group, a pioneering community. He is saying come up higher, come up higher, there is something more that I want you to see, feel, and experience. An ancient pathway is opening up in your midst. An authority to deliver, to restore and to create new life. Heaven has opened to you.

I am not here to say, heaven will open to you at some point, I am not here to talk about possibilities, I am here to say it is a done deal. I don’t know what happened, but in my spirit it felt like somewhere back a few months ago something happened and you don’t quite know what it is. That was a window opening in heaven. I am here to say that window is open over Aglow.

Now your praying must change. Now your posture needs to adjust because a window has been opening. We get so used to asking God for things. You all are so committed, and preserving, and faithful to pray, that sometimes the most faithful preserving people are the last to realize their prayer has been answered. I’m the Balaam’s ass that is here this weekend to say to you, a window has opened over this movement. It is not opening, it is fully opened. It is a certainty. It is a done deal, it is opened. You have an open heaven. You have an open heaven. You have an open heaven. You have an open heaven. You have an open heaven. You have an open heaven!

This is your inheritance. This is your inheritance!

Also, it is the kiss of the Lord. It is the thank you of the Father. It is the embrace of the Spirit. Aglow has come of age. You’ve passed your tests. The Lord trusts you. The Lord trusts you. The Lord trusts you! You have come of age and now He says this to the earth, “this is My beloved, listen, I am well pleased, listen.” You have a voice in the earth bigger than you can possibly imagine. And it is going to grow, and grow, and grow, and grow.

There is a fresh wind blowing in this movement. Aglow has grown up and can be trusted with the deep things of heaven. So a new spirituality is forming within this movement. New perceptions of the Kingdom, a wisdom of heaven. It is time to trade in what you know for what God knows. Truths and experiences that you have loved will now seem old. You are not abandoning them, what will happen is you are seeing them go to their rightful level. We have a truth about the Redeemer that is earth bound. Fabulous and amazing, but earth bound. When you connect in heaven and you see their truth about the Redeemer, it SHAKES YOUR WORLD. That is what I mean. Truths that we have experienced when we see it from heaven’s perspective, we will think, “Oh my good God, all of that is in that? I never saw all of that, I just saw that,” because we are so fond of putting God in a box. The only time He put Himself in a box, He said, “You touch this thing and I will kill you.

It is the same experience that Israel had when the Messiah was present. The old truth that had sustained them for centuries was swept away by Christ and He became an embodiment of a new way, a higher truth, a radiant life. This is “that”. This is the same as “that”. It is the same experience as “that”. We are going to get caught up in Christ in ways that will astonish us. We are going to be amazed and confounded by the glory and majesty of God. We are going to have a radiance of God, of the Kingdom, of the church, and a radiant idea of yourself. That is so important.

You cannot gaze on glory without being transfigured by it, without you becoming glorious. You are part of the glory of God. He is not going to share it with you in one sense, but you are going to get caught up in the glory of everything He is doing and everything that He is.

You are going to come into some anointings so powerful, so amazing, so astonishing that it will seem to you in a time to come, that when you look back on all your years of training, it will seem like you were using broken keys and low revelation compared to what God is about to give you. There is an open heaven over Aglow. Your inheritance is forming even as we speak. Trade in what you know for what the Father knows and you will hear the voice of the Bridegroom saying to you, His Beloved, “You have heard it said, but now I say to you”.

When Jesus came, He brought heaven with Him. The Son and the Bride are coming together. It is a glorious paradox. There is a dance and a courtship taking place in the earth and Aglow will bear the splendour of it. You will be a visual aid about what is happening. There is so much that we don’t know in the mind and heart of God right now. He is looking for a people group to deposit revelation that will shake the earth and will cause Him to come down.

There is an open heaven now over Aglow.

  • The ancient paths are opening up to you.
  • A new level has been bestowed upon you.
  • Ancient anointing are being released again.
  • The warrior spirit of Moses, Joshua, and Caleb is rising up in the midst.
  • The spirit of worship and royalty on David is being released again into the earth.
  • The wisdom of Daniel is going to come back.
  • The anointing of Esther.
  • The ancient voices of the prophets.
  • The revelations of Paul…..all being restored. Ancient paths being restored.

We are going to see the return of the modern day equivalent of David’s mighty men. Champions and warriors, people of substance in the Spirit. The splendour of heaven is being revealed again throughout the earth. The radiance of heaven is returning and with it a lifestyle so supernatural, so astonishing, it will redefine our language and our experience beyond anything we can conceive mentally, beyond thinking. Heaven will restore us to dreaming and to dreaming out loud. We shall say, just like ancient Israel, when the Lord turned again the captivity of Zion, we were like those who dreamed.

In fact, look to Israel in the coming years and you will see the spirit of Abraham restored to the land, and the ancient prophecies and promises over that nation will come to pass again. They will confound the world AND WE SHOULD GO THERE AND CALL IT UP. CALL UP THOSE WORDS, SPEAK TO ISRAEL, YOU ARE THE FATHER OF NATIONS, call it up. In you all the earth will be blessed. Call it up, because there is an anointing and power that is going to come out of Israel in these times that will astonish the earth.

Aglow shall have a new radiance and a new name from heaven. I keep hearing over Aglow, a lover’s kiss from the throne. I don’t know what that means; I just know it is something that is incredibly powerful and life changing. I do know that:

  • A scepter is being held out.
  • Favour is being bestowed that will cause nations to arise.
  • A movement reequipped and revitalized.

What I see in my spirit when I think of Aglow is that a fountain has been placed in your midst and you are going to place fountains in every nation on earth.

  • A fresh outpouring of the Spirit, an ancient well being opened, even going into dry arid places that used to be like gardens.
  • God will lead you to water sources and you will cause wells to be dug physically. Water will appear in the earth where none has appeared for many centuries. There are strange things happening because heaven is coming back to the earth, and when heaven comes, all the possibilities that are in the Father’s heart come with it. All the impossibilities suddenly become possible. Signs, wonders and miracles, thousands of different kinds of miracles, and signs and wonders, most of them straight out of the stuff of dreams. They are not logical, not rational, not reasonable. They are spiritual, they are supernatural, and they exist in your heart, not your head. They exist as a dream in the heart of God. He loves doing the impossible.
    I tell you the water level is rising. The water level is rising. The water level is rising. Old wells in nations are being reopened. There is fresh permission on you, not just to prophecy, but actually to see the prophecies of old fulfilled. To stand in the waste places and command the ancient words to be reborn. You will go into places and you will say, just as Peter said on the Day of Pentecost; this is that which was spoken.
    I see a team of people who are researchers, who are researching the nations, what has been spoken over those nations in times past and bringing it back, and then going into those places declaring this is that. This word, this ancient promise, shall be fulfilled in this day and in this time.
    What I see is that as heaven opens, your war chest will get bigger. The Lord will release resources that are compatible with your favor. It is a Kingdom budget. How many of us understand that a church, that is just a church, can only have a church budget. But a church that has a kingdom anointing has access to a kingdom budget.
    That is why God doesn’t want you building the kingdom out of a church budget. You wonder why you are always warring and contending about finances. The Lord says, it is a different budget. There is a different part available, a different account for the Kingdom than there is for the church. I see abundance in line with the emerging of the Son and the Bride. I see an upgrade in your identity, an increase in your resourcing. This is what I think it will mean.
  • Nations will provide for you.
  • Governments will include you in their budget.
  • I see buildings and property being given to you.
  • I see expense accounts open.
  • Businesses will include you in their balance sheets.
  • Hundreds of thousands of ordinary people will give to the presence of God in your midst.

I see a great confusion over hell. Because I believe that as we rise up to occupy this new level, we will confound the evil one, because for centuries he has been working against this. He has been used to working against a domestic cat and now he has a lioness by the tail. That is a whole different story. You shall confound the enemy.

I tell you this…your resources will no longer be your chain; they will become your weapon, and wherever you go, jubilee shall follow in your footsteps. An open heaven shall abide with you. I believe a restoration shall gather in the space in the clash between two kingdoms.

This is a crossroads for Aglow. You have permission to go higher. Occupy a higher place of revelation and experience. The Lord is saying that permission has been granted for you to come up higher. You will discover the intentionally of God in every nation. You will move into prophetic declaration. This is “that”, a prophetic anointing that recognizes and releases what God has previously spoken. Your assignment will be to go in with an ancient prophecy or ancient prayers having been prayed in that place. You will go in and you will say, “Now is the time, let us see this fulfilled.”

Now we call upon the God of promise and the ancient path will open up. There is a huge relationship between you and the ancient ways of God. You go into places that had a history one time with God and now don’t. You are going to recover the words that were spoken back then, and the prayers that were prayed back then. You are going to come and present them to the Lord and say, “Now surely is the time.” You will see things happen that will be astonishing. They will definitely get on the news.

These are words that have laid dormant, promises not claimed in the nations. You are on a treasure hunt. Go, find, release. Look for the intentions of God, look for the purposes of God. You know that God never allows confrontation without breakthrough. He never allows a problem without provision and He never allows stress without the anointing.

Heaven has come to earth already in Aglow. What you are discovering in these days is the passion of heaven, the majesty of heaven, and the unlimited power and provision of heaven.

I see a new level of prayer opening up. Prayer based on permission granted, praying with God prayer that reminds the Father, “Lord, You said, Lord, You said, Lord, You said.” It is beyond supplication with thanksgiving. We are no longer asking God to come. We are no longer asking Him to move in a nation or a place. We are thanking Him that He is here because we are here. Because we have this permission, we have this place in His heart and in His affection. We have an open heaven. We are calling up in our prayers the ancient prophecies and promises over a nation, and we are offering them with thanksgiving. We are not asking God to do something, we are saying, “This is what You have promised, these are the words that You have spoken. Now do all that is on Your heart. Now is the time, You have brought us here. We are the voice to this nation.” And we are saying, “You have already spoken, these are Your words, we give them back to You.” Let us see a performance of that which is said. We want to see this is “that”. We aren’t looking for new prophecies. We are redistributing the old ones.

There are prophetic assignments that birth permission. It is Aglow moving in a new intentionality. We are going to learn how to learn to brood over a nation like the Holy Spirit does. We are all going to get broody.

This is what I sense. You are going to do the same intercession that Jesus is doing. The same intercession that Jesus does. No, honestly, the same intercession that Jesus does. He doesn’t stand before the Father saying, “Please Father, please Father, please Father.” He doesn’t stand there like that. He doesn’t stand in heaven beseeching the Father. It is an ongoing prophetic conversation between the two of them. “Father, You said. Father it is time. Now Father, now.” It is a conversation. Remember that? Lord, let’s do that. Father, let’s do that.

You are going to pray in exactly the same way. You are moving into powerful, confident prophetic prayer with thanksgiving and prophetic proclamation from the throne. The Father will give you permission and He will say to you, ask Me for that and He will be your assignment. He will give you your assignment. You won’t be standing there saying, ‘what are we doing here?’ You will go and He will say, “Go to that place and say this. Go stand in that place on that corner at that moment in time and say this.” We will go with prophetic intentionality because we will know the words that God has previously spoken. It is a whole new characteristic of ministry.

When the enemy is present, he is going to have to be whether he likes it or not. Our worship before the throne is going to turn into a prophetic decree before the enemy. When the enemy shows up, we get to play, we are turning the tables. He has tried for years to show us how powerless we are, now we are going to totally convince him how powerless he is. We are going to prophesy his destruction. We are going to say to that town, that region, that nation, the enemy has been judged on your behalf. We are here to judge him and not you. We are here to judge him and to release you.

So, Aglow is moving with a greater alignment with the Holy Spirit’s intentionality. We are telling the earth that the ruler of this world has been judged. We are going to bring judgment to the enemy. We are going to crush his head. That is an ancient promise over women. It is right back in the garden. The enemy is going to have to crawl on his belly when a woman is around. She will crush his head, and he will only bruise her heal. The only reason he bruises her heal is because she stomps on him so hard, she hurts herself.

You will be mapping out new places of breakthrough, learning to see things from a higher dimension of life in the Spirit. Praying from above. Praying from above. Praying from above. Praying from heaven to earth new prophetic intelligence, new wisdom, new understanding. A higher experience of the Spirit of wisdom and revelation. It is going to be almost like satellite images that start out in space where you see the whole world then it zeroes in on your house and your neighbourhood. It is going to be prayers like that. Prayers that arrow in on somebody.

When your location changes, so does your anointing. When you were earth bound you moved in travailing prayer. When we move from heaven to earth, we move in prevailing worship. We get swept away in who God is, caught up in His majesty, taken up by His presence. We see Jesus standing in awe and delight over the Father, worshipping and blessing saying, “Father, let’s do this, let’s do this, let’s go over here, let’s go there, let’s send Aglow here, let’s send Aglow there.

Conversations in heaven in times past, who shall we send, and there is Isaiah standing there like we do, listening in on a conversation in heaven. That is the best definition of prayer that I know. You are listening in, and you get to join in, praying with God, not towards Him.

We get the pleasure of reminding the Father that it is time, and He will say to us, “Go to that country, stand in that place. Speak out to Me the prophecies that have been spoken over it, then say these words to Me, ‘Papa, it is time, it is time for a community to live from heaven to earth. It is time for us to live above something and not beneath it.’”

Then you will encounter the economics of heaven. Only God has abundance. The enemy has a budget. When you discovery what that really means, we are going to have more money than that fool. When we live from earth to heaven we get our needs met. When we live from heaven to earth we get our inheritance.

There is a prophetic declaration coming. In fact, we are going to be full of declarations. It is going to change the way we pray. It is going to change the way we position ourselves before the Father. Imagine that, 165 countries at war with the devil. Can you imagine how that is going to stretch his resources? Soon every nation will be against him and he is going to have to decide where to fight. He is going to give some territory away in some places in order to concentrate his focus on others. We are going to follow him to those places and fight him there. It is time to dominate. It is time to lead the enemy astray. It is time to blind him with the radiance of Christ. It is time to confuse him with your favour. Aglow has come of age. You are trusted by the Father, He is speaking things out over you.

We need ears to hear what the Father is saying. He is saying, “You are My beloved and the earth must listen to you. Therefore raise your voice! Let your voice be heard in the earth.” Predominant prayer with thanks will overcome.

I want to say one sobering word in closing. Listen, I don’t want this to erase your joy. I want this to take your joy to a new level. Because you are no longer earth bound, but living from heaven to earth, your relationships in the church at large will come under strain. You are in direct confrontation to the enemy because you are standing under an open heaven. Churches that are familiar with being intimidated by the enemy will now become intimidated by you. Listen, mediocrity has no wisdom and no discernment. Your level of anointing will expose the lack in the church community. You know that when the light shines, the shadows are revealed. The church is a shadow of who God really is. Some churches will adjust upwards, other churches will simply move sideways.

Your kingdom anointing cannot be owned by the church. It can’t be packaged. I want to say this to you; this means that you are no longer subject to the world of men who are living from the wrong place. You are no longer accountable to a religious system or to a church that is not living in the light of fullness. That would be like a lion being accountable to a mere cat.

The Father, over the last few years, has been giving you, and will continue to give you, new relationships. Apostolic and a prophetic presence in your midst. A strategic apostolic council that gives prophetic council to you. You will establish the kingdom wherever you go, and you will help to birth new prototype prophetic churches in the earth. This is a new day! The Father has waited for this day for so long. You have come of age, beloved and He trusts you, so He is going to promote you, just like He promoted Joseph from the prison to being Prime Minister. This is a promotion from heaven. A lifting up, a rising up. It will percolate down all through all your relationships, every region, every group. It is going to come under something.

That is why we are at a crossroads, because His plans for you are majestic. The only way you can live in these days is to be astonished and amazed, and to have a sense of wonder about life and God, who you are, what you are doing, and where you are going. Many times you are going to be sitting there, shaking your head thinking, we do not have a plan for this, this is not part of our mission, we don’t have a strategy for this. How do you even spell this, and yet it is working. The thing that God loves about you is that you are hands off. You have learned to be led by the Spirit. That is what He trusts about you the most. That, and your faithfulness, that, and your prevailing and preserving spirit that has so blessed Him for 40 years.

His plans for you are majestic.

This is your time, this is your promotion, this is the year of your rising. This is when God begins to lift you into a whole new dimension, and you will HAVE to learn to think out of a renewed mind. You are going to be renewed in the spirit of your thinking because everything that you know how to do is not going to work much longer in this new place. It is going to be fun to watch you struggle.

What you need to capture here is a strong sense of the Father’s pleasure, the Father’s love, the Father’s passion, and the Father’s sheer delight and joy in you. You will struggle to learn, who doesn’t? But it is a good struggle, and you should laugh about it. I think you will find yourself laughing way more than ever before because this is a good time. It is a good struggle because all you are faced with is the struggle to be astonishing. That is the struggle, to become as brilliant as God. You will make mistakes, and the Father will grin at you and say, “Let’s do that again.”

You are trusted, that is the main thing. You are trusted. So this is a good journey. It is a great place to be in the deep affections of God. All you can do is just relax. You are trusted.

I say this all the time, “Father I really screwed that one up.” Then all I get is a laugh. “I’ll give you another chance, and what did you learn from that, son?”
“Well, I learned not to be like that.”
“That’s good. So I’ll give you another shot at it.”

“How many shots are you going to give me?”

“Well, let’s get to 100 and we will talk again.” He just wants you to love the learning.

We have some things to unlearn now. That is as much fun as learning, but He wants you to love the learning. You have favor. You can’t lose it. You have His permission. It has been granted. You have His blessing. You have His approval. You have His trust. You have permission. There is an open heaven. Come up higher and check yourself out.

Let’s pray.

Father, I thank You. I thank You Lord that these need to be extraordinary days, because You don’t do ordinary anymore. These are outrageous times, because the times require outrageous behaviour. These are enormous times that require big people, and people to rise up into a big place. These are astonishing times because Your glory is returning to the earth. These are days of great joy and delight, because joy is the currency of heaven. When you live under an open heaven, well, you just have to be happy about it. These are happy times for us, Father. New struggles that will be fun. New things to learn. New things to see. New experiences. Above all, a totally different, brand new, brilliant relationship with You. Can’t wait! May it be unto us, Lord, according to Your word for Jesus’ sake because He deserves it, especially. Amen.



Disciple of Jesus, married to Peggy, with 5 grown up children, 6 grand children, ex-Canadian military and residing in beautiful Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada. a.k.a. "Papa"

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5 comments on “Graham Cooke’s Aglow International Prophetic Message
  1. Wow… scary stuff for the church. The New Age movement and vocabulary has permeated so much of the world’s culture and even the elect miss it. Thank you for your blog!

  2. A little trippy, a spin on name it and claim it.

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