Biblical Archaeology


When one takes the time to study any particular field of science, one inevitably comes to the conclusion that nothing is simple. It doesn’t matter what branch of science you investigate, be it the natural sciences, (includes cosmological, geological, chemical, and biological factors of the universe),  formal sciences (the study of mathematics and logic) or the social sciences (the study of human behaviour and societies). Archaeology falls under the social sciences category and it, like all other sciences, is no exception.

Unless one takes the time to investigate the different fields of science, people have a tendency to grab onto generalized statements that they have heard about the Bible over the years and apply that generalized statement to a particular field of science without giving it much further thought. An example being “The Bible has been discredited by modern archaeology.”

It is important to note that the assumptions the scientist brings to the data he/she discovers will influence the way the data is interpreted. The difference often lies not in the facts, but in the interpretation of the facts. Consequently you may have heard the expression “Science doesn’t SAY anything, scientists, do.”

This post contains numerous links that will highlight recent discoveries within Archaeology that continue to confirm the historical accuracy of the Bible and provide a framework from which one may broaden our understanding of this fascinating field of science. Many of these links contain links within themselves, so please take the time to discover all of the information that is being presented.

Science doesn’t SAY anything, scientists, do

Worthy is the Lamb! Blessings!



  1. Thank you Bruce for your steadfastness in honoring the Lord always.
    I read a phrase in a Psalm that simply said- “He created the North and the South…”
    I stopped and thought quickly about magnetic energy, sun-planet balance, earth- moon balance, about molecular balance, chemistry details, etc. The infinite creativity of how we are made, the earth and everything on it. And all the things we have yet to discover. And all the heavenly things. The greatness of God is beyond our grasp; but He has revealed Himself to you and me. We are living proof of His reality and the fruit of the Living Word, Yeshua our Redeemer. The Gospel including the ancient history of mankind and Israel, lives within us by the Holy Spirit. The written Word is proven true in us. To outsiders there will never be enough “proof”. But we can pray to our God of Grace to be merciful to them as well.


  2. Thanks for posting, Bruce. I started getting into studying Biblical archeology decades ago and my efforts have been richly rewarding. The more that is discovered and presented properly on a purely factual basis, the more it proves the historicity of the Word of God. What must be considered regarding the naysayers is the same phenomenon we have touched on previously regarding the creation and the Creator. Over the last few decades, more God-denying scientists are forced by the facts to accept the inevitable conclusion that the Universe did not self-generate but demands a Creator who existed before time (time was part of the creation). They don’t like to admit it and keep making excuses and looking for outs. Some scientists have indeed accepted the facts and have moved toward the Lord. This is all great news.

    The point here is that many unbelievers persist in unbelief despite clear and provable scientific facts, most of which are incredibly detailed and intricate even to a sub-atomic level, and very clear archaeological discoveries proving Scripture to varying degrees, which refute their arguments. The main reason they remain in unbelief is because they are convicted and deceived by their sin and fight against surrender.

    Blessings to you.

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    1. Hi Lynn, I read your post “in Need of Some Perspective” and agree with your insights. I think the resurrection of Jesus was the turning point, where the “big picture” became a reality and finally broke through. That’s what we all need, to realize that God, Abba, actually sent His Son who conquered death as the final proof of His deity and then called us His friends. If God is for us, who can be against us. Not only who but also what. It’s not easy to grasp but that is the “big picture”. Blessings!


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