Positive Arguments for Christian Theism


While I am not always a fan of everything that  winteryknight.com posts, the website he maintains is a treasure chest of valuable information and logical reasoning for Christian Theism. Is this light reading? Not even close but don’t let the complexity of the information being presented throw you off reading through it. There are many many gems within the links provided. You can’t possibly go through all these links in one sitting but that’s not the intent. As time permits, start at the top and check them off one at a time. Followup on the secondary links that are provided within many of these main links. When you have completed the lists you will have a new appreciation for the complexity of the reasoning involved with the applicable arguments and a new awareness and appreciation for the wonder of our universe that our God has created.

Positive Arguments for Christian Theism

Atheism hates science

Theism loves science

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And just so you know, there are a number of excellent videos that reinforce much of the aforementioned content available on my Creation or Evolution? page!

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  1. Oh, wow, Bruce… This is indeed a treasure chest! I can always count on you to bring to light the best information and defense out there for Christianity. Your blog is a treasure chest! And I will certainly be digging into this one post at a time. Thank you; thank you for all that you do for the body of Christ! Your wisdom and thorough research as well as your keeping up with the most current attacks against Scripture and Christianity is particularly relevant and crucial for the times in which we live. May God continue to bless you as you so faithfully carry out His extraordinary calling on your life. I’m so grateful that I found your blog.

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