But What If ……?


I understand why some people don’t believe that there’s a God. It’s what some parents tell their children, it’s what most of us are taught in school. You know, how everything around us just happened by chance. How this planet that we live on just happened to win the lottery with conditions just right to create and sustain life. How life began from simple cells and evolved through vast amounts of time to all the different creatures we see and of course, we humans evolved from these same creatures and arrived on the scene.

True, we’re smarter than the other creatures, higher intellect, more evolved capabilities but still just evolved beings. And we’ve learned so much over the many years of our human history. How to cultivate crops, domesticate animals, we’ve learned from others who have gone before us. We’ve studied the primitive civilizations, the growth and demise of nations, acknowledged their achievements and investigated their beliefs. And we’ve made undeniable advancements in educating the masses, medicine and the other sciences.

Yet in spite of all of our achievements we humans are not without our shortfalls. The desire to have and hold onto unrestrained power and greed in all of it’s many forms plagues us to this very day. Millions and millions of lives have been squandered in the last two centuries alone in the quest for absolute control of the sandbox. And this is not an “us and them” reality, we see this desire for power and control in other nations and within our own, and to a lesser extent, within ourselves. Clearly what some perceive as right is not deemed as right by all. What is deemed as right and wrong is not absolute but subjective and dependent upon the perspective of those who have the power to implement and enforce. We are divided in our purpose because we are divided in our objectives. We collectively (humanity) have no moral compass.

But have you ever stopped to think if it is possible that humanity with all of it’s learned wisdom could have gotten it wrong?

Is it possible that in our secular minded need to deny the possibility that something greater than ourselves (supernatural) may exist, we are ignoring the latest DNA related discoveries about the origins of “life” which would indicate otherwise?

Is there another perspective on what has transpired, you know, put out there for consideration by many learned men and woman who also hold PhD’s in the sciences we’re talking about? Does everyone really adhere to the “random chance evolutionary” concept which ultimately points to the realization that there is no real point to our existence? That we just evolved and it is what it is? Is science our ultimate authority, our benchmark per sec by which everything is determined? Do we ever question it, do we assign it capabilities, knowledge and understanding that the scientists themselves do not all confirm?

What if this didn’t all happen by chance?

What if our planet is not just one of countless planets within our vast universe that can support carbon based life as we know it but may very well be unique?

What if “life” in something as seemingly simple as a single cell is not simple at all, but in fact, extremely complex, containing DNA with intelligent code for reproduction, duplication, and is quite possibly way beyond the reasonable probability limits of happening by sheer chance?

How did that intelligent code get there?

What is the probability of something like that happening by random chance?

What if, in spite of all our advanced learning, we acknowledge that no one has ever been able to create life from non-living matter?

What if we acknowledge that the origin of life still remains a mystery?

What if we acknowledge that our universe itself is now believed to have begun in an instant where time, space, energy and all matter within our universe came into being from nothing?

And what if common sense tells us that the cause for the beginning of our universe must be, of necessity, external of the universe and be something? Nothing produces nothing while something produces something, cause and effect.

And what if the external cause of our universe was a spiritual entity with superior intelligence, that I will call God, who was not restricted to time, space or matter. And what if God created this universe and our world, so that we, His creation, could get to know Him and chose to be with Him, because we wanted to, acknowledging and following His guidance because we trusted Him? And what if, this special agreement came with the bonus of a spiritual reality within us that was like our God? The “spirit” within us was united with His spirit.

And what if, when given this opportunity, we chose to go it alone, because we wanted the ability to decide what was right and wrong for ourselves? And what if our spirit within us lost it’s oneness with God when we (humanity) made that decision. And what if, this God did not give up on His creation, had a plan from the beginning where our free will could be retained and our spirit restored with Him, in spite of our decision to go it alone. And when the time was right, God revealed Himself to ancient people like Abraham and Moses so that the basic understanding of God’s spiritual reality and values could be displayed and be made known by physical material things such as the Tabernacle and Priesthood and His perspective of what was right and wrong with the Law and the Commandments? And what if the prophets and people who followed in the Old Testament scriptures (including God’s chosen people Israel) demonstrated the inability of humanity to get back what we had lost (spiritual oneness with God) via our own efforts.

And what if throughout the Old Testament scriptures God foretold via prophecies that a Redeemer would come, God with us, the Messiah, who would fix what we had broken, who would restore God’s spirit within us, by His doing for us what we in ourselves could not do. And when the time was right, Jesus the Christ, the Son of God came into the world. And He spoke God’s truth, He perfectly followed God’s Law, He proved who He was by what He did. And then, as foretold, He died for us on the Cross, so that we could be restored in accordance with God’s original intent. And then He rose from the dead, as the scripture prophecies said He would, as Jesus said He would and the Apostles and as many as 500 people saw Him, touched Him, ate with Him for a period of 40 days. And then Jesus returned to His Father, our Father. The Apostles all believed what they saw, James the half brother of Jesus became a believer, the Apostle Paul also experienced the risen Lord and they all gave their lives (excluding the Apostle John) for following the truth that they had heard, seen and experienced. The just, the righteous, in God’s eyes shall live by faith, not in what we have done but in what God has done for us through His Son.

Is this an over simplification? Some of it surely is but the essence of God’s truth, God’s Revelation is here. Creation clearly tells us that all of what we see cannot have happened by chance. God is real. The Old and New Testaments are historical and reliable. There is only one religious leader who ever rose from the dead. There is only one religion that says we can’t do it and that God will do it for us. This is the Revelation of God, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the legacy of Christianity.

You see, the thing is, these aren’t “what if’s”, and humanity still has a choice, go your own way or seek His, one leads to eternal separation from God and the other to eternal life in His presence.

Worthy is the Lamb! Blessings!


  1. And add to this … What if some of those who are sold out to evolution would just sit quietly and ponder the logic of both creation “theories”? What if common sense were allowed to breathe a little? Well done, Bruce.

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