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simple cells

In Darwin’s day, the cell was thought to be just a simple sac filled with jellied carbon. This concept is the origin of the term protoplasm. However, nearly 150 years of cell research has shown us that even protozoan and fungi cells are hugely complex. Today we know that even such “simple cells” as eukaryotes have an estimated 100,000 parts. Many thousands of different operations are taking place continuously within each of the cell’s many parts, called organelles. Furthermore, the cell cannot live until all these parts are working properly. Even the simple E. coli bacterium has 4,000 genes. If we were able to magnify the DNA of the E. coli to the thickness of a clothesline, it would be five miles long!

If you haven’t previously viewed these two videos, please do. They beautifully illustrate the amazing complexity of a “simple cell”. And don’t forget that all of this amazing complexity and interdependency all just came about by chance, without any intelligent reason or design.




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3 comments on “The Simple Cell
  1. bcparkison says:

    Our god is an awesome God!
    I’ll have to watch the rest of this later .

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  2. No designer? To reject God in light of such evidence takes a lot of faith. Excellent post, Bruce! God is an absolutely incredible and amazing Creator! Thank you for sharing the video as well! Good stuff! Blessings to you, my very wise friend!

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  3. […] detail that he goes into on each of his posts. I’m going to include a link to another post on The Simple Cell that I posted previously that provides additional insight. […]


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