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As some of you may have noticed, I have gained much insight into the marvels of our universe by reading and studying a number of books authored by Dr. Hugh Ross over the years and his newest extensive update to the fourth edition of the modern classic “The Creator and the Cosmos” is no exception.

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Dr. Hugh Ross is a Canadian astrophysicist, Christian apologist, and old Earth creationist. Ross obtained his Ph.D. in astrophysics from the University of Toronto and his B.Sc. degree in physics from the University of British Columbia. He is known for establishing his own ministry in 1986, called Reasons to Believe that promotes progressive and day-age forms of old Earth creationism. Ross accepts the scientific age of the earth and the scientific age of the universe, however he rejects unguided evolution and abiogenesis as explanations for the history and origin of life.

To view some of the highly creditable endorsements for Dr. Ross’s updated modern classic “The Creator and the Cosmos” just click on this link.

The purpose of this particular post is to highlight a Book Review of the update that has been provided by Luke Nix at

Luke is one of the premier bookmarks I keep for book reviews.

Luke’s reviews are excellent and he has once again spent considerable time and effort in providing a lengthy and highly detailed review of Dr. Hugh Ross’s updated 4th edition of The Creator and the Cosmos which I highly recommend. If you don’t have the time to actually read the updated classic, I would strongly advocate that you read Luke’s Book Review so that you have a basic understanding of the subject matter and are at least conversant with the recent advancements being made within the scientific community.

The link to Luke’s Book Review is here.

As I have noted, Luke’s book review is lengthy but it is well worth the read.  I will include one quote from Luke’s Book Review that encapsulates the purpose behind Dr. Ross’s updated book:

“As he concludes his discussion in each chapter, Dr. Ross always brings the reader back to the God of the Bible. He presents the latest discoveries of scientists and shows how they demonstrate God as the Creator. He does not shy away from seemingly powerful challenges and shows how those challenges, when investigated more deeply, either come apart or actually make the case for God even stronger. I love how he concludes the
book with a call to both the believer and the unbeliever. To the believer, Dr. Ross encourages them to use the evidence from God’s creation to provide to the unbeliever “a reason for the hope that they have…with gentleness and respect.” He invites the unbeliever to follow that evidence where it leads and surrender their life to their Creator and Saviour. ”

Also the recent endorsement of the updated fourth edition of the modern classic “The Creator and the Cosmos” by Experimental particle physicist Dr Michael G Strauss who did research at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Centre (SLAC), and now does research for the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) at his laboratory at the University of Oklahoma, is noteworthy. You can read his comments here.


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  1. lindamowles says:

    Thanks for this post, Bruce. I find it amusing that I found out about an apologist from Oklahoma after reading a post from a friend in Canada. Praise God for technology!

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  2. dettinger47 says:

    Thanks for the interesting post, Bruce. This looks like a book I should read.

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