I had a dream the night before last, just before my alarm went off. Actually the alarm woke me up from the dream. It was a personal dream about a family member and I shared the dream I had with them because I thought that it could be important. The particulars of the dream aren’t really important from the perspective of this post though, because I just wanted to share the reality of how God sometimes brings things to our attention or awareness through dreams.

How many times has God brought something to your attention that you were not aware of or even warned you about something that hadn’t happened yet? I don’t get these informative dreams all the time, in fact they are relatively rare but the fact that God uses dreams to communicate with us, to me, is amazing. I’ve learned, from experience, to pay attention to them, to not shrug them off. These aren’t the typical dreams that we remember, dreams of things we’ve done in the past or dreams about things that we have been spending a lot of time on recently. These are specific dreams about people that we know and the details He provides are revealing. The clarity of the symbols representing danger or areas of concern are also very vivid and the specifics about the person, their particular age or manner of engagement with us are also usually very noteworthy.

I am a firm believer that when God wants us to know something or be aware of something, that He will ensure that we receive this “communication” from Him by at least two or three sources. Matthew 18:16 NIV “But if he will not listen, take one or two others along, so that ‘every matter may be established by the testimony of two or three witnesses.” and 2 Corinthians 13:1 NIV “This will be my third visit to you. “Every matter must be established by the testimony of two or three witnesses.” comes to mind. The principal goes back to the Law for the need for two or three witnesses in the Old Testament. A single testimony does NOT suffice. And of course, we see this principal still in use in the New Testament.

I don’t know about you but I’ve seen this happen many times. Two or more people talk to you about something specific right out of the blue or you run into a situation where you are confronted with a specific issue that ordinarily you don’t deal with. Dreams can be one of the confirming witnesses. There’s always a danger of over reacting to what we dream about because our minds can do some pretty strange things when we are sleeping but the dreams where God is communicating something specific to us are usually very clear and the “impression” that He wants to leave with us is relatively easy to understand. Watch for and be aware of the confirming second and third witness. And don’t forget that we are to always test information that we receive, whatever you are directed to do should always be in accordance with God’s word. Depending on the severity of the action you may be lead to pursue, it’s always a good rule of thumb to talk the situation over with your Paster or Minister and/or an elder within your Church that you know well or at a minimum, another close mature Christian friend. And lastly, additional prayer, if clarification is required is always a good recommendation.

Then there is the other aspect of dreams that God actually takes the time to tell us something specific. I find this deeply humbling. It shows us that we are important to Him, that He is aware of our family and circle of close friends and watches closely over us. I know God’s Word tells us this but to see His caring in action so “specifically” is really lifting to one’s faith. Praising God comes easily when God’s grace is demonstrated to us in this manner. It really boggles the mind when you stop to think about it and yet, this is exactly what belonging to God’s Kingdom is all about. He is our good shepherd, He watches over us, cares for us, guides us, protects us because He loves us. It is the accumulation of all these “little” things, over the course of a life time, that draws us closer to Him and to our reliance on Him. I have deliberately not mentioned the “big” things because I want to keep this post relatively short.

We have an amazing God, our Creator, our Saviour.

Worthy is the lamb. Blessings.





  1. I like this because you really explain it well. You cover all the aspects of why it is important ti listen to our prayers.

    Amos 3:7 says God won’t do anything that He doesn’t reveal by a prophet. The spirit if prophecy is within us when we get saved, and dreams can be obe method He uses to show us. It us so important to speak up when we have dreams. But we must be sensitive to the Holy Spirit when ww do.

    I very rarely remember any dreams.l that I have. Sure wish I could!

    Be blessed

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  2. God communicated with me very specifically this past weekend in response to my heart’s prayer… It’s too long a story to relate here, but suffice to say that the Holy Spirit prepared me to run into a friend I hadn’t seen in a while at church and then directed our conversation to some decision making I have been facing. She offered Biblical counsel… with her counsel in mind, I prayed some more and God answered my prayer very clearly and specifically! I am always humbled and extraordinarily grateful when God guides my steps in such a direct fashion! Excellent post, Bruce! Thank you!! God bless you greatly!!

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    1. Hi Lynn, it is amazingly humbling when God does these things and I find that His analogy as being our good shepherd takes on a whole new connotation that has a tendency to pretty well melts one’s heart. Grace and blessings!


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