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I don’t know about you but I am so sick and tired of the different political and religious spins that are being put onto just about everything that I view on the news that I could scream. It doesn’t matter if the topic is global warming, religious freedom or due process of law, to name but a few, it seems everyone has their own spin to apply to the situation being discussed and honest truth no longer applies. There are extremes being voiced everywhere, be it CNN on the left and Fox News on the right. Is the news that CNN or Fox News reports on all wrong? Of course not, both, at times, report on the facts but both are guilty of deliberately spinning their commentary towards a particular political viewpoint.

And then we have the “Christian content” that advocates a particular political viewpoint.

WinteryKnight.com , who calls himself an advocate for “integrating Christian faith and knowledge in the public square” recently advocated the following for all Canadian Christians, “Any Bible-believing Christian born in Canada has one mission: to get educated in a STEM skill that America needs, and then get out of that godless country. Kudos to those wise Christians who saw what was coming and got out early. It’s not the place for Christians to have a full and meaningful Christian life.”


This particular “advice” was at the bottom on an article he posted with the following title “Canada’s Supreme Court bans Christians from practicing law in Canada“. You can view the post at this link. Misleading? Big time! Am I happy about the judgement? Of course not but spinning “facts” to support an imperfect agenda is inexcusable.

Here is a direct quote from from the National Post in Canada on this particular subject: “Trinity Western University suffered a stinging loss in the Supreme Court of Canada on Friday, which found that law societies in B.C. and Ontario were justified in not accrediting the university’s prospective law school because of its policy on premarital sex.”

To be fair to WinteryKnight, he does admit that the headline for his article is “a bit broad”. “A bit broad” is a bit of an understatement. But does he correct the possible misunderstanding that might be taken from his headline, no he doesn’t.

Can Christian lawyers practice law in Canada, of course they can. What we’re talking about here is a Christian University that was trying to get accredited and the law societies in two provinces objected to their required adherence to their policy on premarital sex . Christians can still get admitted to hundreds of universities within Canada to pursue their law degree, just not at Trinity Western University for the provinces of Ontario and British Columbia, where this ruling applies.

Why didn’t I let WinteryKnight know my thoughts about this misleading headline you ask? I done that, multiple times, only problem being he never releases any of my objections. Never. I have never been rude, I never used profanity or insulted his intelligence. I just voiced my opinion and asked him some questions. I obviously don’t fit into the agenda he wishes to project. That is exactly the kind of one sided, misleading spin that I’m talking about.

It’s bad enough that almost everyone involved in politics constantly does their “spin” thing, but when Christians jump on the same band wagon, it is truly disheartening. How in the name of God are we ever going to come to any kind of consensus, when the vehicle we use for our platform is used to control voiced opposition, misinform and mislead “facts”. I am so tired of half truths, misleading headlines and deliberate spin that I could vomit.

You will note that there is nothing in this post that advocates one political viewpoint over another.

I don’t recall Jesus ever giving us the option to deliberately mislead or speak half truths, or even worse, deliberately lie.

Worthy is the Lamb! Blessings!






  1. I feel exactly that way too. Watching the news has become more irritation than information for me. I have also found that people only watch the news that agrees with their slant on things, and which reinforces the half-truths they want to believe.


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