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In 2014 a book was published that was authored by Donald E Johnson entitled “Programming of Life”.

DR. DON JOHNSON has earned Ph.D.s in both Computer & Information Sciences from the University of Minnesota and in Chemistry from Michigan State University. He was a senior research scientist for 10 years in pharmaceutical and medical / scientific instrument fields, served as president and technical expert in an independent computer consulting firm for many years, and taught for 20 years in universities in Wisconsin, Minnesota, California, and Europe.

Here is the > link < to the book review of this book by Luke Nix at Faithful Thinkers
Luke is well known for providing excellent book reviews and when he recommends a book it is a considered endorsement.

If you take the time to read the book review you’ll get a good idea of the content.

You can download a free updated PDF copy of the book for your personal use. The author stipulates that only a few pages may be printed and that this free PDF is only for personal use. The PDF download link is > here. <

What we are looking at is all the new discoveries that have and are being made with regard to the complexities of the cell and how each cell of an organism has millions of interacting computers reading and processing digital information, using digital programs and digital codes to communicate and translate information.

I want to reproduce the final comments that Luke Nix makes on his book review because it is important. I will take the liberty of highlighting some of Luke’s comments in bold for emphasis.

Reviewer’s Thoughts

Being a student of computer science (and information science, to some extent by implication) this book directly addressed my realm of formal training. That made it quite an exciting read. Johnson laid out his case succinctly. He did limit the scope of the book to being critical of naturalistic explanations and did not provide a positive case for God or a designer. While this may be seen as a disadvantage of the book, that makes it ideal to place in the hands of a naturalist because it removes the temptation to avoid the scientific critiques in the book and focus on other arguments or complaints about the conclusion. Of course, throughout the book the positive case for a designer is implied, but it is never explicitly concluded. The apologist could easily discern and articulate this positive case if the skeptic came to accept the critiques offered in the book.

Because of the information/computer science perspective of Programming of Life, I recommend it for any apologist who may need to provide a case for God’s existence to someone trained in these disciplines. I also highly recommend it to anyone in the information technology field- If you accept the current naturalistic theories for origins of life and species, this book will scientifically challenge your conclusions; if you accept design as the only explanation for the origin of life and/or species this book will provide you with a powerful scientific argument to bolster your confidence in your conclusion and to articulate it to your skeptical peers.

Now I know that some folks find reading this type of information difficult. Not to worry!

The REALLY GOOD NEWS is that there is a free documentary available which covers most of the same material as presented in the book. You can view the documentary in it’s entirety or you can view it chapter by chapter. The link for the full length documentary or chapter by chapter is > here.<

And there is a new documentary called Programming of Life 2 available > here.<

If you are a visual person, the videos are the route to go.




  1. I just watched these videos. They are amazing and full of so much information. I think they should be shown to every church youth group to help counteract the evolution myths taught in public schools. Thanks for providing the links.

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