Programming Of Life: Follow-up

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I’m following up my previous post on “Programming of Life” because I want to make sure that everyone takes the time to watch these two very important videos.

Dr. Don Johnson has PhD’s in both Computer & Information Sciences from the University of Minnesota and in Chemistry from Michigan State University.

Both of these videos are specifically designed to demonstrate the total impossibility of life as we know it, on this earth, having come about by natural causes or naturalism. Basically that just means that it happened all by itself through undirected natural causes.

There are two individual documentaries. The first documentary deals with the utter complexity of a single cell. And as the documentary indicates, science has only scratched the surface. The first documentary entitled “Programming of Life” is directly below. It is approximately 44 minutes long. If you would like to view this documentary in shorter chapter snippets click on this link. A 5 page PDF handout containing the meat of this video is available at this link.

The second documentary deals with the reality of the exceptional fine tuning involved so that life can exist on our planet. It is entitled “Programming of Life: Earth” and is directly below. It is approximately 36.5 minutes long. If you would like to watch this documentary in shorter chapter snippets click on this link. A 7 page PDF handout containing much of the source information for this video is available at this link.

If you ever had questions about evolution or wondered about how life began on earth, especially with regard to all the discoveries that are being made within DNA as of late, these are both simply outstanding videos to watch.

Additional videos, PDFs and information with regard to Dr. Don Johnson’s opinion on Intelligent Design (ID) are available at this link. Take the time to read it. Short story is that he states that “an intelligent source stands out as the only feasible (causally  adequate) scenario.”








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