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This is a WordPress repost of an excellent article on the KJV Bible originally authored by Marg Mowczko at her website at margmowczko.com/  Marg Mowczko provides a very good overview of the history behind the KJV Bible along with the texts that were utilized during the updated translations plus followup notes with source links and information and recommended additional reading sources.


For Anne’s friend.

The King James Version of the Bible is a great translation and has helped countless thousands of people to find and know God, to receive his gift of salvation, and to effectively serve him and his people. The Bible was beautifully written by some of the best scholars of the day and its reputation as fine literature is deserved.

Some Christians today maintain that the KJV is the superior English translation. Some Christians and churches are so enamoured with the KJV that they refuse to use, or give credit to, any other translation. The stance of these Christians has been referred to as King-James-Onlyism.

The KJV is an excellent English Bible and if you can easily understand it there is no real reason to change to another translation. However, one of the biggest shortcomings for most people is its dated language.

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  1. Thanks for posting this, Bruce. I am not a fan of the King James Bible, but at the same time I do not begrudge those who love the KJV and value it. However, as alluded to early in the article, it is the attitude of the King James-only people that gets under my skin. They almost view as heretics those who use any other version. (I am referring to the extreme KJV users only, certainly not all of them.) I know of no other version of the Bible whose readers hold such extreme views.


    • Hi David, yes I have run into that criticality myself over the years. I began my walk with God using the KJV so I do have a fondness for it but I also use a number of other translations now. Thanks for the feedback!

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  2. Tuanks Bruce for sharing this. I found the post very insightful. Now I know a little more about the KJV Bible.

    I have been using KVJ for most of my life. And as rightly observed in the article, the dated languages it employs sometimes impedes understanding. But I usually go around that problem by making references to other translations of the Bible as well.


    • Hi Victor, thanks for the feedback! I also have a fondness for the old KJV as it was the Bible that I first cut my teeth on. I do as you do now, use various translations but I still reference the KJV when I want to validate the scripture I am looking at. Have a blessed day my brother!

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  3. Growing up Southern Baptist later going to PCA we always used the King James. When my boys made their profession they were given the New American Standard Study Bible and later the New Geneva Study Bible because Luder Whitlock was the Executive Director . Dr. Whitlock baptised all of my boys. The two oldest on profession and the two youngest on dedication.
    Now I understand there is a new one based on new findings from the dead sea scrolls….This is one I would be interested in learning more about. Have you heard of it?


  4. Hi Bruce,

    I’m glad you like my article, but the ethical way of sharing articles on blogs is to post a short excerpt with a link back to the original. This way copyright law is not infringed.

    Or you can ask permission of the copyright owner to copy and paste the whole article.


    • My apologies Marg, I did include a link to your entire post and I did acknowledge you as the author but I do understand the infringement. Next time I will seek your permission. Again, my apologies.


      • Thanks for responding, Bruce. 🙂
        I do appreciate your honesty about the source of the article, and links are alwqays good, but it still is technically illegal to copy and paste entire articles.


      • Hi Bruce. I do agree with Marg. I very much appreciate that you have used a few of my blogs before, but because they don’t link back to me, I would have no idea if I received any extra readers or if they made comments about the article which I would want, or need, to see and possibly reply to. Most people just read the article and pretty much ignore the link. Thanks so much!


      • Hi David, the two series that you did that I included under my “Christian Resources” page are all straight links so I am assuming that meets with your approval. With regard to any additional post of yours that I repost in the future, I shall be sure to follow the one or two paragraph only requirement followed by a link to you for the rest of the article. My apologies.

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      • Hi Marg, I’ve corrected the repost and I hope this meets with your approval. My apology for the delay and the inconvenience I caused you.


      • I think it is I that should be thanking you for your patience with me. That was an EXCELLENT article by the way! Grace and blessings!


  5. Yes, this was an excellent article…when Marg wrote it. Perhaps you are not aware of the etiquette of blogging. But if we repost an article from another writer, it is customary to do so with their permission. I am glad you will correct this for her.

    Full disclosure: I’ve had blogs since 1999, and I made this same mistake five years ago. I was glad someone pointed it out to me. Blessings on you.


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