My Dilemma


I’m relatively proficient at defending Christianity. I have invested a substantial amount of time and effort in researching facts and the various pros and cons of Christianity. But, I’m just a layman, I don’t hold any accredited degrees, any knowledge that I have acquired is through individual private study. Basically I’ve tried to understand and follow up on numerous Christian related subjects so that I have, at a minimum, a basic knowledge and understanding of the concept or principle being discussed. You could call me a common Joe and that would be pretty accurate. Nor do I claim to possess any superior intellect.

I’m also a student of world and church history. I firmly believe that we can learn from the gains and mistakes from others in the past. I support and am an advocate of democracy but I don’t have any delusions about it’s susceptibility of being able to be destroyed from within. Democracy comes at a cost and it always has and I’m pretty sure it always will. I am also acutely aware of numerous wrongs that have been committed in the name of democracy where those in power have dealt unfairly or unjustly with those under their power. It’s happened in the past and it’s happening now. I don’t believe there are any perfect world government systems because all world government systems are controlled and operated by people and there are no perfect people. Democracy just happens to be, in my opinion, the best possible selection for government and the protection of the collective and individual rights of the common people.

I’ve also learned from experience that almost nothing is simple. Every point of view has two sides and the two perspectives are usually complicated, not simple. People in general, including myself, have a tendency to be relatively well informed in the side of the coin they support or adhere to and relatively ill informed on the opposing viewpoint. This is not always the case but I’m speaking from a general perspective. I can give you a good example. If you spent a year with a Palestinian family and a year with a family from Israel, you would come away with two very different perspectives. Both have strong grievances. And then of course, there is the big picture, only problem being it depends on which big picture you look at. I believe that Israel remains God’s special and chosen people. Any student of the Bible knows that Israel will play a vital role in fulfilling God’s ultimate will and purpose. But like most things that I see, there are valid grievances on both sides and peaceful solutions do not ignore the valid grievances of one side to pacify the valid grievances of the other. From my perspective, literally nothing is simple. Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the Children of God.

Having spent 35 years in the Canadian Armed Forces I’ve been to a good number of places around the world including coast to coast in Canada, five states in the USA, Germany, Egypt, Cyprus, Israel, England, Ireland, Bermuda and numerous countries in the Caribbean. That doesn’t make me any kind of authority on any of them but I’ve been there and I’ve conversed with numerous people in all of these states, provinces and countries.

As a Christian I believe that God is in control of what transpires in this world that we live on. I believe in His ultimate authority and His ultimate sovereignty. I also believe that the Prince of this world is Satan and that for the time being, he has been given freedom to pursue his goals, albeit with some limited checks put in place by God. I believe that the ultimate conclusion to God’s will has not been totally fulfilled yet, but it is coming.

I am also a student of God’s Word, the Bible. I strongly believe that His Word has been given to us so that we may be thoroughly equipped to understand God’s purpose and will and to come to a saving knowledge of salvation through the sacrifice of God’s only Son, Jesus Christ, the Messiah, on the cross for our sins and our reconciliation to and with God again.

My apology for the long lead-in. You’re probably wondering what my dilemma is.

The division in the Church due to President Trump.

As I read God’s Word I am struck by the insistence of Jesus, the Apostles Paul, James, Peter and John, on how Christians are to interact with one another. The contrast between what we are supposed to do and what many Christians are actually doing is in my mind, nothing short of amazing. I simply can’t fathom the rational being used to justify the rhetoric that I have heard. And what I find most distressing is the tone of the arguments that are being made.

I know we are to honor our leaders and the positions that they hold and fill. I know that we are told to pray for them and not to speak ill of them. But in like manner I also know that we are told to love one another, to be gentle and kind in our dealings with our brethren and also our neighbors.

I have deliberately not mentioned one criticism of President Trump.
I have deliberately not quoted one Fake News controversy.
I have deliberately not quoted one specific scripture on how we Christians are to treat one another.

If we are the candles of the world, if we are the representatives of light in the darkness, if we are trying to follow the guidance and commandments of our Lord, our lamps need oil.

Worthy is the Lamb! Blessings!






  1. I too have been amazed, and distressed by the way Christians have been handling political controversy lately. If we truly believe God has ultimate control over the future, we should pray for our leaders, and not fight with one another. God desires unity for His church.

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  2. I avoid discussing politics… it seems to me that if we are called to share Christ with people, we will better do so if we are not distracted by political arguments. Yes, there is definitely a need for believers to demonstrate love to one another. Good thoughts, Bruce!

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  3. I disagree . . . I live in germany. trump does not affect the church.

    I lean towards that the spirit is doing something else. if anything, i read through your names of Israel children. If we are in the 3rd day, there should be a joining together. at the smallest level, jesus is joined to john and the priest, religious leaders, and secular leaders are joined together.

    I am not going into prophecy. I am trying to understand the week and its timing. If I get it right, I might figure out what I am suppose to do next. At the moment, God has me working as a sacristan in the german catholic church.

    now, I am registered as a catholic in germany to avoid ww3. when I married my wife, I married into a bayrisch family and the catholic percentages are highest in bayern. I went back to my catholic roots. I will not go into a long story of my life and how I became a christian. Before this job, I was spending most of my weekends with a friend who does a street ministry with balloons in augsburg. this became church.

    After meeting with a friend and talking with him about discipleship and planting churches, we came to the first conclusion, I need to get a job to supplement the ministry. I got a job, but my wife wanted me to go get this job with the catholic church because she did not want to chase after a check. I am a landscaper by trade in germany. anyways, I did not expect to get the job as a sacristan. I did get the job.

    We are seeing the church dying or getting smaller too in the catholic church in germany. these numbers can really be measured especially when one leaves the catholic church or even the lutheran church. It means they no longer are registered and are no longer paying church tax.

    another story . . .

    the catholics are joining churches in close communities into a campus type situation to deal with the reduced numbers. It is more of a way to get larger services with less scheduled services. In many ways, it is eye wash with the idea if there are larger numbers here maybe people might start coming. this is my take, but I really believe it is back to the basics . . .

    One on One . . . at the smallest common denominator. the old hard work of sharing and living the gospel one and one.

    I mainly base my thinking on how easy it was back in the late 70’s and early 80’s, it was to draw people together. I used to think one only needed a bible, a guitar and a sound system to do church. People came. this is not the case today. I guess you see it too.

    This has nothing to do with trump. The spirit is doing something else and I believe the spirit has to work a week. This is whole different direction.

    Nah, trump is not the problem. I could say merkel was the problem. You have no idea how crazy it was in september 2015 watching all these people march into germany. I have some living in what was somewhat a villa for one family. some guy (I don’t know who) bought the place and turned it into apartments. a whole bunch of middle east people live behind me. It was kind of a problem because I was one of the few who did not go to the first meeting to make sure they did not get into another house. while they all debated over another house, some guy quietly bought the one behind me. I signed that they can change the house into apartments. My other neighbor signed. The property was already bought by a developer who build on the empty parts and now, I have a whole bunch of middle east people living behind me.

    It is kind of strange because no middle east or turkey or people out of that region would never live out in the country. They do now. I don’t think trump had anything with it I don’t think trump was doiing what the priest was doing.

    This is not to defend trump. I come from Hawaii, If I voted, clinton would have gotten the electoral vote from Hawaii. Hawaii is strong democrat.

    You have written that got is sovereign and in charge and all of that. Trump cannot do anything to the church that is built on Christ. Hey, I have to deal with the liturgy and catholics in germany have extreme cultural christianity. Some crazy stuff . . .

    It is exciting times.


    • Hi Robert, well that’s quite a tightrope that you walk and I don’t presume to have the understanding that you have because I have not walked in your shoes. I’m not blaming Trump, he isn’t the cause. It’s much bigger than that. There is a great falling away that is supposed to happen and if I was guessing, I’d say we are entering into that now. Right now we can work, a day will come when we can’t. Grace and blessings.


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