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This is another WordPress repost of an outstanding article recently posted at Cyber Penance as linked below.  Everyone, literally everyone, needs to earnestly consider what scientific research is discovering and the implications that it imposes on the materialistic worldview that is so prevalent within our societies.  To read the entire post, please click on the provided link below. You’ll be glad you did!

My previous blog, DNA Points to Design, was about some fascinating information about DNA. Scientists have also determined another factor in how incredibly fine-tuned even a cell is. Stephen Meyer, in chapter 9 of his book Signature in the Cell: DNA and the Evidence for Intelligent Design, entitled Odds and Ends, talks about the odds of […]

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One comment on “The Odds of a Cell Forming Randomly by Chance Alone — Cyber Penance
  1. Candice says:

    It’s almost unbelievable that any reasonable person informed of these statistics could ever believe in evolution and life happening by chance! Science must stop promoting evolution as fact, and comment only on verifiable information.


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