A Crash Course in Christian Doctrine | Lindsey Medenwaldt


This is a WordPress repost of an excellent article originally authored by Lindsey Medenwaldt at their mamabearapologetics.com website. This particular post does an excellent job of covering the basics and discusses some key doctrines that all Christians should be aware of. They really have some excellent resources so if you haven’t already bookmarked their site, please do so.

Before we start diving into world religions, it’s important that we have a firm grasp of what Christianity teaches. It is fairly common knowledge that when federal agents train to spot counterfeit money, they study the real thing first. The theory is that if the agents become very familiar with genuine money, they will be able to spot a counterfeit a mile away. This is true of Christianity. If we study God’s word and are completely in touch with the truths found in Scripture, we will be able to spot heresies and errors in our own churches, as well as other belief systems. It’s exciting to think about world religions, but let’s make sure we understand basic Christian beliefs before we dive into other beliefs.

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  1. No one can ever say you’re not thorough! Thank YOU Lindsey for your excellent posts. Your “Crash Courses” on other faiths are also excellent. Grace and blessings!


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