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Many people within today’s society think that people who are Christians are either simplistic in their thinking or sorely lacking in general awareness of the scientific discoveries that make faith in God a thing of the past. However, Science has discovered many things that support faith and belief in God over the last few decades and as Christians, we need to become aware of them. Today, sadly, many people who have attained “higher education” have put away the notion that there is a God.

Everyone knows that the human race has evolved through random chance, natural selection as it were, and that there is nothing special about us or our earth, or our universe for that matter, that science has consistently proven that there is a very high probability there are many many worlds much like ours within our universe, a number of which are most likely, higher advanced than ours. It’s just the vastness of our universe that prohibits us from discovering one another up to this point in time. Now that we are becoming better educated, we’ve put away the primitive concepts of belief in God and all the trappings such as miracles or the supernatural that are associated with such a mindset.

That’s the general overview that most of us have run into at one time or another. And then, within Christianity, we also have the additional list of general assumptions such as Christianity is just one of many paths to God, if you wish to entertain religion, or the Bible is just a bunch of fables and myths that have been fabricated by humans over the centuries, and our current translations are full of errors and conflicting narratives produced by thousands of years of copying and additions. Let’s not forget that there is no evidence for the person of Jesus in history outside of the Bible and it’s virtually impossible that Jesus rose from the dead.

I know….., there are many more assumptions that I haven’t mentioned but you get the general idea. This is the mindset that we live in, this is what our children and our youth are being taught in schools and most universities.  This mindset has been reinforced through Carl Sagan, Richard Dawkins, Stephen Hawkins, and numerous others.

What I find so difficult to comprehend is that this mindset is so seldom challenged, In fact, if I truly articulated what my investigation of the evidence shows me, I would have a tendency to say that the exact opposite is actually true. It’s not the informed Christian believer that has his or her head in the sand, especially when it comes to scientific discoveries or investigating evidence that proves or disproves the authenticity of the Bible, the external historical evidence that Jesus actually lived and was crucified on the cross or the evidence that supports the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The result of this misinformation is that people never really get to meet Jesus. They never really take the time to read what He actually said, they never spend the time to check out what God’s revelation of truth, the Bible actually shows. They just write it all off.

In this blog I have showcased a number of outstanding Christian scientists that our generation has produced. In addition I have highlighted a number of outstanding Christian Apologists of our time such as J. Warner Wallace of and William Lane Craig of just to name a couple. There are many more (see my Christian Resources page). The assumptions of Darwin’s Evolution are being challenged by numerous scientists due to DNA information and the complexity of proteins, the previous scientific assumptions held about our universe has radically changed since the acceptance of the “Big Bang”. And there is so much more.

Today I’d like to introduce you to Dr Michael G Strauss. His website is

You can read his “About Me” on his website but for your convenience I’m going to reproduce it here.

About Me

I am a an experimental particle physicist currently doing research on the ATLAS detector, one of the two multi-purpose particle detectors located on the Large Hadron Collider at CERN near Geneva, Switzerland.  I have been a professor at the University of Oklahoma in Norman since 1995.    I am also a Christian and this web-site and blog are a result of the many discussions I have had, and questions I receive about the relationship between science, rational thinking, objective evidence, and Christian faith.  As such, it is my personal web site and the views and opinions expressed are solely my own and do not necessarily reflect those of the University of Oklahoma or CERN.

I received my undergraduate degree in Physical Science from Biola University and my Masters degree and Ph. D. in experimental particle physics from the University of California, Los Angeles.  I have done research at the Stanford Linear Accelerator, the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, and now at CERN.  Through much of my career I have studied the interaction between quarks and gluons and the theory of Quantum Chromodynamics.  More recently I am studying the properties of the Higgs Boson and the heaviest known fundamental particle, the top quark.

The purpose of this web-site and the reason I started it are described in more detail in my first blog.  I believe that as a practicing scientist and as a Christian I may have something to offer in the discussion concerning the relationship between Christianity, science, and objective thought.  I hope that you will find some of what I write to be enjoyable and thought-provoking.  I have a strong motivation to discover truth in both the physical world and in the spiritual world.  Maybe my contribution will help us all in such a noble journey.

If you would like to become conversant with the many scientific advances in knowledge that are being discovered almost on a daily basis, visit his website. Check out his “Subjects Index” and learn about the amazing discoveries that will strengthen our faith and belief in God. One of his gifts is the ability to explain scientific information in a manner that common people like you and I can understand.

These are exciting times, we have an abundance of evidence readily available at our finger tips. As Christians we need to be prepared to give a reasonable answer to any who would inquire about our faith. We need to be conversant with the scientific discoveries that are being made that strengthens faith in God, not just for ourselves but also for our youth. It’s not enough any more to just respond that we believe, we need to be able to explain why we believe.

Worthy is the Lamb! Blessings!

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