End Times Buffet: Coping with Diverse Perspectives | Amy Wang

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This is a WordPress repost of an article originally authored by Amy Wang on her web blog faithphilosophy.com. The Study of the End Times (Eschatology) can be a fascinating endeavor that can and does lead many Christians to a number of different perspectives on this subject. In this article, Amy Wang presents a balanced overview on this subject and even though she identifies her particular leaning, her article serves as a good introduction and overview. This is a complex Biblical subject and new Christians would be well advised to table this particular subject until one is well versed in the scriptures. Amy provides links to additional articles about the end times in this article, one in which provides a comprehensive road map via an in-depth chronology, which explains the order of events like the great tribulation and the Day of the Lord, should you wish to look into this further. For additional information on Eschatology I would also recommend the links listed on my Christian Resources page under the topic of END TIMES – ESCHATOLOGY.

Please note that I am not personally advocating one particular perspective over another and I do not necessarily agree with all of the resources Amy recommends in subsequent articles linked in this post.


Do you feel like you are dining at a seminary buffet?

To give an impression of neutrality, different end times views are often presented in buffet style as if they were equally acceptable. However, some of these views contradict the Bible or use questionable methods of interpretation. To prevent misleading people or causing them to fall away, we can examine these end times views and try to gently correct the errors they contain (1Thess. 5:21, 2Tim. 2:24-26,3:16-17). Below, I will try to summarize and comment on each of the different views.

Does it matter who is right? Are these views equally acceptable?

Certainly, theological correctness on the end times is not as important as theological correctness on how to be saved. Therefore, many believe it does not matter. They jokingly call themselves pan-millennialists, because no matter who is correct, it will all “pan out in the end” [Blomberg and Chung, chapter 4][1]. As Doris Day once sang, “Whatever will be, will be.” However, if the end times is not important, why did the Old Testament prophets, New Testament gospels, the book of Revelation, and several epistles, mention it? A messianic Jew, or Jew who believes in Jesus, once pointed out to me that the Old Testament prophets speak more about Jesus’s second coming than His first coming.

To view the rest of Amy Wang’s article, please click on the link directly below”



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