Running to First | M. Dennis

1st base

This is a WordPress repost of an excellent article originally authored by M.Dennis. Using the analogy of baseball, Dennis skillfully incorporates many of the fundamental principles of faith in Christ and the building up of the body of Christ within his article. You can get an overview of Dennis’s background by clicking here. If you aren’t following M. Dennis please consider doing so as he authors some really good posts.

When watching children play baseball, I find that the coaches are often reminding them of the importance of running as fast as they can to first base, once they hit the ball. Many new players want to watch the ball, instead, as the other team runs it down and fields it.

As a result, their attention is divided, and – as they slow down – their risk of getting thrown out increases. When the batter thinks that he or she will get out at first, there’s a strong temptation to pull up, and slow down for what seems inevitable: a return back to the dugout.

However, especially at younger ages, the unexpected can happen: a ball that looks foul remains fair, a fly ball is dropped, or the throw to first base is missed. Regardless of what may be happening in the rest of the field, the batter’s job is to run to first base as quickly as possible, and to trust the first-base coach to provide instructions on what to do next.

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