The Reality of Here


I could show you all of the reasons why we shouldn’t be here, I could explain the uniqueness of our planet or the utter complexity of the information contained within DNA and the unbelievable multiple processes of replication that bring about life or the reality of a universe that scientists say shouldn’t exit, but if you don’t see the reality that I see, what difference does it make? The reason why there are so many religions in this world is that much of mankind knows intuitively, that all of what we do see, all of that which we are only now beginning to comprehend, simply couldn’t all of happened by sheer chance, without a cause, without a purpose, without a reason. It just couldn’t.

And yet, for some of us, there was a time when the reality of the world that we lived in, only extended to the edge of that which we associated with ourselves and those to whom we had either the fortune or misfortune to be born into, via a family or a series of events uncontrolled by ourselves that placed us under the care of others who accepted the responsibility of raising us from childhood to young adults. And then, as we grew and were exposed to the realities of this environment that we live in, we extended our world outward with friends and acquaintances brought about by various decisions and means.

From my perspective, there are two opposing forces or schools of thought in this world.

One force or school of thought, is painstakingly determined to convince us that it did all happen by chance, that there is no cause, no reason or purpose and that in spite of all that we have come to understand, be it within science or common experience, this life that we have been given, albeit against astonishing odds, is clearly only attributable to sheer chance and the luck of the draw. When we die, we die and there is nothing beyond the grave. Associated with this force or school of thought is a concept of morality wherein, depending on one’s acceptance or acknowledgement of what is right and what is wrong, coupled with perceived accountability or the lack thereof, the manner in which we respond to what is done to us and what we do to others, is formulated. And the spectrum within this formulation is wide, stretching from common folk who try to work in harmony and fairness with others and for others, to the other extreme where other lives are expended, used or manipulated to bring about personal gratification, via the accumulation of wealth, power or control, which can extend to astonishing degrees of disregard for others. This is the materialistic world that we live in. The world where what we are accountable for is determined by what we judge as valid. This is the world that many, either consciously or unconsciously decide to incorporate within their worldview, which is instrumental in how decisions are made and values are determined. And, most importantly, whether we are aware of it or not, this mindset is what we teach or display to our children.

This is what I once saw.

The other force or school of thought is diametrically opposed to many of the basic concepts or principles of materialism. The other force or school of thought says there is a cause, there is a purpose or a reason. Accountability is not subject to our own validation but is determined by an external entity. Life does extend beyond the grave because a spiritual reality is associated with our human physical bodies. There are many flavors within this school of thought. Thousands actually. Yet within these flavors there is one that stands out from all the others, there is one that is the standard by which all others are compared to, and that school of though or flavor pertains to the the Judeo-Christian Bible.

The Judeo-Christian Bible is a testament from God to us, humanity. It is the only testament that gives us an accurate scientific overview of how the universe we live in came into being. It is the only testament that can be historically and archaeologically confirmed. It is the only testament where God visits mankind in human form and testifies that He is God. The Judeo-Christian Bible is truly unique. If you wish to examine the documentation for these claims I make, click here.

The Old Testament explains why we were created, the manner in which we were created (with a spirit and a physical body) and how our union with God was to be and most importantly, how that union with God was broken. We basically were given a choice, trust God to guide us or decide for ourselves. Did God know what would happen if He gave us this choice? Absolutely. God gave us the option of trusting Him because we love Him.

But you really can’t love Him if you don’t know Him.

And He knew there would be some who would try to love Him, try to get to know Him through their own methods and means. So to differentiate between our ways and His ways, He demonstrated in physical forms, spiritual realities, so that we could come to understand how us making our own decisions affected our communion with Him. He created a small nation, Israel, founded on trusting in God by Abraham and his descendants, Isaac and Jacob. He gave Israel, His chosen people, the Tabernacle, The Law and the Temple to illustrate these spiritual truths or realities. And try as they might, Israel failed. In reality it’s a long story of our own efforts to restore our union with God and the long and the short of it is, we can’t do it. Did God know that Israel would fail? Yes He did. But God never does anything without a purpose.

God is a spirit. He was external of our universe when He created it, where all time, matter, energy and space came into being. God is Holy. That’s not just a word, that’s a state of being. God is light, there is no darkness in Him. He is merciful. He is long suffering. God’s love is pure, just, unchangeable. And because our trust in Him was broken, we are not like Him, we no longer share His attributes. Our spiritual union with God was broken. Because God created us in His own image, our spiritual union with Him had died.

Throughout the Old Testament is woven a promise of a coming redeemer, a Messiah, who would do for us that we in ourselves could not do. This redeemer, the Messiah, would be God’s Son.

Enter Jesus. Have you ever taken the time to carefully and thoughtfully listen to or read what Jesus actually said? Have you honestly looked at what Jesus did? How Jesus said that we must be born again, meaning our spirit within us. How He said He came to die for us and rise again from the dead so that we, like Him, could once again be in union with God, here now, while we are still in our bodies and after we die. Have you experienced how learning to trust in God again, here, now, helps us to learn to increasingly love Him?

This is what I see now.

Two totally different perspectives, two totally different guidelines of morality, two totally different end-states.

Revelation 3:20 NIVHere I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me.”

Worthy is the Lamb! Blessings!









Disciple of Jesus, married to Peggy, with 5 grown up children, 7 grand children, ex-Canadian military and residing in beautiful Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada. a.k.a. "Papa"

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7 comments on “The Reality of Here
  1. Jeff Rab says:

    Deep post, Bruce! Enjoyed this, for truly, it all does line up with purpose!

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  2. Excellent juxtaposition of these two world views! It really helps to see the differences so clearly. I thank God for the purpose and significance He brings to all of my life. Thank you for this powerful reminder, Bruce! God bless you!!

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  3. I wish one could put in a five star like here. Amazing Post. Must share Bro Bruce!

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  4. Reblogged this on Innerdialects and commented:
    Try to define ” Reality ” ?
    I’m certain each of us would describe it differently. For me, it could be my address, my stories, my emotional conclusion, my socio- economic philosophy, my yeahs and nays, my defenses or historical baggage, the Lens of which might determine the way I decide what Reality is. Reading this Post by good friend and brother Bruce Cooper made me want to read this one over again and slowly. Christ has always fascinated me, not the one portrayed in European cathedrals and intercontinental ‘religious’ parties, not the rosy cheeked Jesus in some paintings, not the gory one on the Passion of Christ movie, not the Christ so overshadowed by self- righteous faith- talkers, but the One who met me on my terms when I began to ask questions about us as mortals. I remember telling my parents how boring church was, and that it was an ordeal to sit through hours of just listening to what others had to say. For me it was/ is personal or nothing. So I walked out, on Sundays. I was 22 years old… somewhere there. I searched for Him in different kinds of churches, little roofed church and old steepled one. Then I found Him inside the midst of me, as if He wore my skin, as if He weren’t a foreigner’s God, not one that spoke trick verse in another language, He got me by my heart. Not because I was born a Christian but because He found me…
    with the years that came and went, He in love, pursued me…

    what is Reality, to me?
    It is the real life I live between trying to look nice and pleasing to everyone, and in the quiet unhidden spaces within…
    the one I am, when no one’s looking, with the One whom my soul loves because HE FIRST LOVED ME… that’s my Reality.
    Reading this article here, got me to that very real plateau deep within, that place I return to every night, every morning, every now and then when I need to really dance, or laugh out loud, or cry, or speak, or shut up, or just be… that PLACE of honesty without aid of an ‘Upper’, or a smoke, or champagne, to celebrate our very own personal dialogue with a Friend who never leaves…

    I must say no more…we all have our own ‘ Schools of Thought’ and there’s this…

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  5. […] whom my soul loves because HE FIRST LOVED ME… that’s my Reality. Reading this article here got me to that very real Plateau among all my ravines, that Place I return to every night, every […]

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  6. Bro Bruce, I don’t know my entire intro shows up here in comment? Apologies.

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