We Have Been Lied To

Lied to

John 8:44 NIV You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.”

I’m going to list some of the untruths that humanity has been fed, most of which I’m sure you’ve heard of previously.

  • There is no ultimate purpose to this life that we have been given.
  • Everything that we see and experience in our world came about by chance, it just happened, naturally, by itself.
  • Given enough time and with the proper elements and conditions, life, as we know it, just naturally evolved.
  • First there was a small simple cell and then from that cell all of the plant life and animal life naturally evolved, into the wide variety of plant life and animals, birds, fish and other sea creatures that have and do exist. The Darwinian evolutionary tree of life illustrates and proves this.
  • The fossil record supports the fact of macro evolution.
  • There is no ultimate right and wrong, what we decide, individually and collectively is what is determined as acceptable or not acceptable and these “standards” change as our society progressively rethinks it’s acceptance or what is right or wrong.
  • If we choose to ignore the accepted standard and lie, cheat, steal and even kill, if we don’t get caught, we basically get away with it.
  • When we die, that’s it, there’s nothing more, so enjoy what you can when you can.
  • Our planet is just one of millions where life probably exists, maybe even billions or more.
  • Our planet is not special, it’s just small and insignificant in a huge galaxy, in an even more huge universe.
  • Only people who are uneducated in the sciences and basically simple of mind really believe in God.
  • Most people are basically good, albeit in varying degrees, there are a few exceptions.
  • Belief in a supernatural creator is not supported by scientific facts or can be successfully argued from a “most reasonable” perspective.
  • The science of Darwinian evolution proves all of Darwin’s beliefs beyond a reasonable doubt and is in effect, proven fact.
  • The Bible is just one of many “religious” books that have been written by men and in essence is no different from the Islamic Koran or other religions writings.
  • The Bible has been copied and re-translated so many times that it is not reliable as a source document.
  • History and archeology do not support the Biblical record.
  • Most scholars don’t even believe that Jesus actually existed and few, if any, believe in the resurrection myth that evolved from this mid eastern culture.
  • There is no God, and to believe in such non-scientific persuasions is mostly wishful thinking, based on a number of varying false perceptions.

Oh, I know, the list could be a lot longer but I thought I would just touch on the main beliefs that our “enlightened” society, generally speaking, adheres to. And, just to make it interesting, just so you know, there isn’t one of the aforementioned statements that cannot be refuted by a rapidly growing number of very learned Ph.D’s in their particular field of endeavor.


The “truths” that we are fed and the “truths” that are discussed behind closed doors among peers, is not one and the same. But then, if you have never actually taken the time to check into these “truths”, you wouldn’t be aware of that, would you?

I could literally fill pages and pages with scientific papers and books refuting the aforementioned “truths” but fortunately there is a quicker way in which to at least, come to a basically informed understanding of the reality behind many of these “truths”, especially for the person who simply doesn’t have the time to do the investigation work or the mental where with all to grasp some of the technical issues associated with evolution or cosmology.  The hard part is just picking one name because there are so many to pick from. But this is the name that I am choosing:

Lee Strobel

His books:

The Case for a Creator
The Case for Christ (book and movie)
The Case for the Real Jesus
The Case for Grace
The Case for Faith
The Case for Hope
The Case for Miracles

I would even recommend that you read them in the order that I have listed them. And just so you know, these are introductory level books. There is so much more available. In reality, the evidence for God, that God sent His Son, Jesus, the Messiah, is staggering. And I haven’t even mentioned what they are discovering within DNA and the intelligent code and processes within the so called “simple cell”.

I don’t know about you but I find the summation of all of these statements kind of depressing. Because if I really believe all of these statements, where does that leave me and those that I love?

The very best overview that I can make of all this as a non-believer in Jesus Christ is that I’m fortunate to live in a country that has a high standard of living, medical advances and coverage here in Canada affords us relatively good service and a growing life expectancy. Our laws try to be just and our society is moving in the direction of being more accommodating to individuals who may be of a minority or different ethnic origins. Education at the university level is expensive but obtainable with dedicated persistence. Life can be good. We fall in love, get married, raise children, have a fulfilling career and retirement and then we die and life goes on.

Notice I said “best” overview. That’s what we hope for, for most of our society, that is our goal. But …. and here is the kicker, is that everyone’s reality? You and I both know it isn’t. Life gets in the way, people take advantage of other people, some fall out of love and people get sick, resulting in the anticipated fairness of life, passing us by.

Too many people, sometimes even those that we love with all of our hearts, view life like a candy bar. They spend all of their life focusing on the wrapper and never take the time to look beyond and within. Take the time, you owe it to yourself and to those that you love.

Have you ever actually taken the time to read through the New Testament? Have you ever actually listened to what Jesus said and what He taught? I challenge anyone to read through the New Testament TWICE and come away without being changed. Jesus is God’s Son, He came to give us eternal life. He is God’s revelation to humanity. What you decide to do about Jesus is a matter of life and death.

Worthy is the Lamb! Blessings!







Disciple of Jesus, married to Peggy, with 5 grown up children, 7 grand children, ex-Canadian military and residing in beautiful Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada. a.k.a. "Papa"

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5 comments on “We Have Been Lied To
  1. Amen! I agree 100%. I have read some of the books you listed, and I just wanted to point out a typo (or incorrect autocorrect. 😉 ), in case some of your readers are unfamiliar with this author. His last name is Strobel. (Have you seen the movie about his life – “The Case for Christ”?)

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    • Bruce says:

      Thank you for the typo error, of all the words to spell wrong! It’s corrected. Yes I have watched the movie, it was really good. His book on the Case for a Creator is also very good.


  2. bcparkison says:

    Sad, but people who have bought into the lie aren’t interested in the TRUTH.


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