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I follow a good number of fellow Christian bloggers. It’s funny how you get a feel for a person after you have been following them for a while. Obviously you don’t get to know them like you would if you met them in person but you still come to “know” them in a detached kind of way.

I find it rewarding to read and come to understand a bit about some of the trials that my fellow travelers have experienced. Sometimes they’re on a mountain top and sometimes in a valley, which correlates to my own experience. I especially enjoy when what I call “touching base with reality” experiences are shared. Where life can send you a curve ball or something catch’s you unawares. I don’t know about you but I find that it’s the mistakes that I make that I usually learn the most from.

There are those that I honestly admire and respect because of the witness that they maintain in spite of sometimes very difficult circumstances and also from the knowledge and understanding of God’s Word that they have. My wife and I raised five kids and quite often I hear someone say that they don’t know how we did it. Funny thing is that when I look back in retrospect, considering all the work, effort, emotions and cost involved in raising five children, not to mention, the mistakes that we made, I also wonder how we did it. A lot of grace from God, an awful lot of grace. That always seems to be the common denominator among fellow Christians who have or are going through difficult circumstances.

Every once in a while I will notice that I haven’t read anything recently from one of the people that I follow. That usually raises a bit of concern where I wonder if they are alright. I pray daily for all of the people that I follow, I know I need the prayers of others and we’re instructed to lift one another up. I know there are a lot of reasons why sharing on your blog can move down in the priority list but don’t forget to let us know that you are alright if you decide to take a break, just so that we know.

Quite often there are fellow bloggers who decide for good reasons to take a bit of a break. I understand how that works but it’s funny how they come to your mind when you’re used to seeing them online and then they’re not there. There’s three or four that I’m “missing” right now and I will be glad to see return when they do.

Yesterday I was reading in Genesis about Abraham and I thought to myself, someday I’m actually going to meet him. Can you imagine! How about Billy Graham or Nabeel Qureshi or the multitude of other Biblical people and friends that I’ve met along the way. I’m thinking there’s going to be a lot of hugging going on. I’m really looking forward to walking away from the “knowing in part” part and understanding it all. I’m pretty sure we can’t even begin to imagine.

And then of course, there’s our Heavenly Father and Jesus and the Holy Spirit. They are of course, who I ultimately follow. It’s not always easy, to follow and trust in our Lord who we can’t see or always hear. God’s Word keeps us mindful of the Kingdom of God and the reality of God with us here, now. Both God’s Word and prayer can bring us into His presence and I am so grateful for that linkage that He gives us. But ultimately it is that uncluttered oneness with Him and the glory and wonder that He is, that I long to be part of. I don’t care where at the table He seats me at the Wedding Feast of the Lamb, just as long as I’m there, with hopefully, all of those that I love. What a day that will be!

I know, at times it’s hard to be mindful of how God watches over us and cares and guides us as we stumble through this journey He has placed us in. Caring for a sick or difficult child or a host of other activities or circumstances can drain us to our very core, but He’s still there, loving us, guiding our steps, drawing us closer to Him. Jesus promised us that He would never leave us. He meant that, all we need to do is draw near to Him, abide in Him. He will take care of the rest. That’s what He does.

My prayer this day is that all of you have a blessed day and whether you’re online or not, let us lift one another up in prayer and be thankful for what God has graciously given us. We all are in need of God’s blessings.

Worthy is the Lamb! Blessings!



Disciple of Jesus, married to Peggy, with 5 grown up children, 7 grand children, ex-Canadian military and residing in beautiful Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada. a.k.a. "Papa"

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26 comments on “Who I Follow
  1. Wally Fry says:

    That thing about people just sort of fading away…it bothers me sometimes, as I often feel a real connection with people here. What bothers me more is when they fade away and I don’t even notice. That saddens me because I feel like I’m not watching out for people. Sadly, that even happens in “real,” life and sometimes we don’t notice then, either.

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  2. bcparkison says:

    Good thinking here. I don’t blog for myself very often but I do reblog when I now there are those out there that need to read and wouldn’t listen to me. There is just so much dirt people are interested in..Dirt as in my flowerbed renew. I do have something ,,,a blessing …I will share as soon as time allows. Stay tuned.

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  3. “I pray daily for all of the people that I follow.” That one statement made my day! To know that I’m being prayed for is such a blessing. Thank you! and I will pray for you as well.
    I’ve been thinking of writing a post telling people that I’ve passed and instructing my husband on how to post it at the time it will be necessary, but I don’t think that will be any time soon. (We never do, do we? :/ )

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  4. John Eli says:

    I feel the same way…. However, I have noticed that some people that I follow are still posting, but not showing up on my feed in WordPress Reader. Do you know why? I also have a few friends that are unable to see my posts in their reader. We cant figure it out. 🤔

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    • Bruce says:

      Hi John, I haven’t run into that problem with people that I follow not showing up in my feed nor have I had anyone indicate that they can’t see my posts in their reader. Don’t know what to tell you on that one. If I notice that someone who I follow hasn’t posted for a few weeks I go directly to their website but the last post to my reader has always been correct. Interesting and perplexing.


  5. Jeff Rab says:

    Looking back, I wonder too how did all eight of my kids get raised, get paid for, make it through reasonably sane and fairly grounded….how did they get their faith, start making their own ways and still, it seems like they are still just toddlers…. How did we do it, Bruce? The last of my eight is off to college next Fall. How did that happen?

    And I wish I could say the same for those that I read and follow as you do! I admire this in you!! You are a solid, inspirational guy and this post, quite frankly, has me thinking in several directions at once! Thanks for the challenge by just being Bruce!!

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  6. Bill Sweeney says:

    I appreciate your insight, Bruce. I have been blogging for over six years and my blogging friends are like a second family. But, I follow too many too many bloggers and it takes me hours to scroll through the reader – I just cannot keep up. I haven’t been reading many posts the last few months, I’ve been writing offline.

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    • Bruce says:

      I know what you mean, I’ve found that I’ve had to be a bit “selective”. Don’t you worry at all about any of my posts, I know what you’re working on and I’m looking forward to it I might add. Grace and blessings my friend!

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  7. Candice says:

    I hate to miss anything that those I follow have to say, so some posts get put aside until I have time to read them. It means a great deal to hear that you pray for your followers. I will start doing that too. We can all use the prayer support.

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