Christian Pinball

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I don’t know if I’m the only one that feeling what I’m feeling and seeing what I’m seeing but the proliferation of “spins” on Christianity as witnessed to on various multimedia outlets such as “Twitter” and “Facebook” as of late seems to know no bounds. And even Christian blogs seem to be flooded with the same proliferation. Sometimes I feel as though I am attending an all you can eat smorgasbord of choices with a never ending table to choose from, where each dish or persuasion is trying desperately to be more attractive or better than the other. And of course, I’m the “pinball”, being bounced from one side of the game or table to the other.

We have the “signs and wonders” group over in one corner, the “prosperity pundits” in another, then there’s the “well they did this so we can do this bunch” which basically infers that two wrongs do make a right and the list just goes on and on. I’m tired of seeing sin being maskeraded as righteousness and self-centeredness and pride being touted as being holy.

Enough already.

I’ve learned to be much more “selective”, fine tuning my choices and filtering out that which doesn’t build me up into the body of Christ. It’s not always easy. And, as in all things, there comes a point in time when the cost of participation in one avenue, such as multimedia participation, starts to detract from my objective, which in my case is seeking and learning from solid teaching of the Holy Scriptures plus learning from others how God’s grace, mercy and wisdom has helped them. There’s a balance that needs to maintained and that balance can slide from the middle quite easily.

They are excellent resources still out there but the pickings are getting slimmer because of the sheer numbers involved. I enjoy “real” people, people who share their victories and their failures, yet who keep moving on. I identify with a host of what I call down to earth people, from various walks of life and different ethnic backgrounds, yet we share a lot of the same values and objectives. There are also people who consistently provide me with insight that broadens my understanding of God’s Word and Christianity as a whole. I still have an awful lot to learn and I do enjoy learning, expanding my comprehension, getting to know and appreciate Jesus better.

I’ve also learned that I don’t need to have everything that I adhere to, necessarily agreed to by those that I follow. We can have difference takes on “free will” and Calvinism or Young Earth and Old Earth creationism and still learn from and respect each other. I’m pretty sure that a lot of faithful Christians are in for some surprises when we get to be with Jesus, myself included.

I’ve also learned, from experience, that there is a balance that needs to be maintained with priority given to God’s Word and prayer, worship and fellowship follow and then there is the various avenues of what I can “alternate outreach”. For me, that is where the multimedia formats come into play. The precedence of priority is vitally important. If I allow some of the latter to offset the former, a deficiency starts to happen, and I notice it pretty quick. We need to feed on God’s Word, daily and we need to communicate and worship with our Lord, daily. Those are the “meat and potatoes” for a Christian, at least from my experience. One doesn’t mess around with that formula, not if our relationship with our Lord is truly valued. And, it is my conviction, that everyone needs to learn that for themselves. What I value isn’t necessarily going to be what you value. I can handle that, the road to what I value today came about by some hard lessons.

So, should we ditch our involvement with multimedia? No, I don’t think you need to. Some take a break from it, I can understand and appreciate that. But for sure, evaluate our participation from time to time and ensure that our priorities are being maintained and adjust accordingly.

I still love the Scripture verse found in Psalm 37:5 KJV which reads:

“Commit thy way unto the Lord; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass.”

In order to keep committed and trusting in the Lord, I need to keep in His Word and commune with Him in prayer. If I do that, He basically takes care of the rest.

I’ve found this to be true. How about you?

Worthy is the Lamb! Blessings!


      • The “belt of truth” has been compared to a soldier’s belt, but there are other kinds of belts. I like to picture the belt that keeps the mountain-climber connected to the One higher up. Of course, for the Christian, this would be Jesus. And sometimes the closer we get to Him, the less company we have. (The heavily populated places are usually in the valleys.) – But what a view!

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  1. An insightful post, Bruce! And a great reminder to avoid things that can detract from out “objective, which in my case is seeking and learning from solid teaching of the Holy Scriptures plus learning from others how God’s grace, mercy and wisdom has helped them.” We do desperately need real balance!!

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