Lauren Daigle and Homosexuality: Why We Should All Be Prepared to Answer the Question | The Christian Post


I decided to repost this article published at the Christian Post because I think what transpired speaks to all of us, not just Lauren Daigle. There are also some excellent resources available at the bottom of the linked article. Please take the time to read this, it deserves our attention and it deserves our preparatory time.

When yet another Christian celebrity fails to give a straight answer on a hot-button moral issue, it reveals a deeper problem.

Back in September, an article in Rolling Stone announced, “A Christian Singer is Bigger than Drake and Arianna Grande this Week.” That singer is Lauren Daigle, the Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter whose brilliant voice, soulful style, and hope-filled lyrics has won fans well beyond the Contemporary Christian genre. She’s becoming a regular on talk shows and in national publications, and has officially earned the coveted status of “crossover artist” at just 27 years old.

But with broader appeal comes a challenge: maintaining one’s identity, not as a “Christian singer,” but as a Christian. Sadly, it’s a challenge many Christian celebrities have struggled to handle.

To read the rest of this excellent article and access to the linked resources at the bottom of the article, please click on the direct link below:


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