It Takes Time


It takes time to become comfortable or feel at home in God’s Word

It takes time to experience the presence of God in prayer

It takes time to begin to appreciate what God’s grace (unmerited favor) really is

It takes time to learn to hear the still quiet voice of the Holy Spirit

It takes time to begin to understand the importance of forgiveness

It takes time to begin to understand the importance of mercy

It takes time to begin to appreciate the Holiness of God

It takes time to begin to understand the destructiveness of sin

It takes time to begin to understand how much we are the problem

It takes time to begin to understand that it’s really not about us

It takes time to begin to realize how much God can do for us if we trust in Him

It takes time to begin to understand just how involved in our lives God wants to be

It takes time to learn the importance of walking with God daily, hourly, minute by minute

It takes time to learn the importance of prayer, daily and as God’s Holy Spirit leads us

It takes time to begin to understand that our standing with God and acceptance by God is not based on our performance

It takes time to begin to understand how important feeding on our daily bread is (God’s Word)

It takes time to begin to understand the richness of God’s revelation to us through His Holy Word

It takes time to comprehend and appreciate the importance of balancing our time to God’s service, our family, friends and neighbors

It takes time to begin to understand that His guidance actually takes priority over our own independent decisions

It takes time to begin to comprehend the reality of the spiritual realm and the spiritual forces at work within that realm

It takes time to begin to understand just how little we do know

It takes time to begin to comprehend the importance of love, from where it originates and the holy purpose it serves

It takes time to realize just how much God  (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) really loves us


Yes, I know, I’ve barely scratched the surface. We read about how the Israelite’s wandered in the wilderness for 40 years. Forty years may sound like a long time and I suppose in reality it is, but when you’re on in years like I am, it doesn’t seem that long. There are so many different concepts and things to learn in the Christian walk and all of them are woven together into a fabric that eventually clothes us. But it takes time to weave them all together, it doesn’t all happen overnight, or in a week, or a month, or a year. At least not when it comes to our own comprehension or understanding. It takes time.

If we engaged and participated in our marriages, or close friendships, like we do with our walk with God, only spending an hour or so once a week, in our relationship with Him, common sense tells us that the marriage or close friendship wouldn’t stand much of a chance on becoming anything that was really meaningful. And yet, for many, that one hour or so, once a week, or even no time at all for some, is the only interaction that takes place in our relationship with Him. It doesn’t work that way, nor can it. It takes time.

Amazingly, the degree in which God loves and accepts us doesn’t change, from the day in which we first believe, to the day in which we leave this world behind, it’s only our comprehension of His love towards us that unfolds into our minds and hearts that changes. Yes we make mistakes, yes we fall short, and if we have learned anything at all, we learn to confess these sins and with His help and strength, change our ways. In many ways it’s like the layers we find in an onion, layer by layer, God is His mercy, wisdom and love, stripes away those things in us which hinder our relationship with Him, until we come to that place where the spirit of Christ, who lives in us, remains the greater part and us the lessor. It takes time.

And if that striping away isn’t happening in your life . . . well, I’ll leave you to decide what that tells you.

James 4:8 NIV Come near to God and he will come near to you. Wash your hands, you sinners, and purify your hearts, you double-minded.”

Worthy is the Lamb! Blessings!




  1. SO true. I think about those who figure they’ll connect with God sometime before they die (and if they’re lucky, death won’t take them by surprise), which reminds me of the wise and foolish virgins (Matthew 25). At the last minute the foolish ones were begging the wise ones, “give us what you have – HURRY!” It just doesn’t work that way.

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    • Hi Ann, I’m reading through the Old and New Testament again with the hard copy of the Amplified Study Bible and my markers and some of these posts as of late are the results of this study. The personal relationship aspect and the onion skin layers resulting in less of me and more of Him resonate in just about everything that I read. And then of course, there is the practical application aspect, where I am endeavoring to be as honest as I can and trust me, I’m no shining light, but …. I’m moving in that direction. I am so grateful for his patience and love and the time He has given me. You’re right of course, getting to know Him is a process and depending upon our ability to learn from our mistakes and pursue the longings of our heart, not to mention the grace of His Holy Spirit, we BEGIN to comprehend. It is a pity that it took me so long. Grace and blessings Ann.

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  2. Thank you, Bruce, for expressing how our aging is God’s way of growing us, walking with us and sanctifying us on our way to eternity with HIm. At some time in the process, we realize we are filled with His grace and wrapped in His glory ~ all His work for His glory and our joy. I am in my second childhood and loving it. Blessings as you continue to age. 🙂

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  3. Ahh! That is the catch…TIME. Which we seem to have so little of these days with going here and there and not stopping in between for a breath much less a few quite moments with our maker. I am always amazed when I think about the people of old who had none of the wonderful things we have today and worked so hard with their hands and still had time. Time to visit, sit on the porch,take not just a pie but a whole meal to a sick neighbor. It is our own fault. We have fallen into the times and we should have stayed more atune to our God and his world. Let’s work on this in the new year. It is up to us .

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  4. I’m glad I read this this morning, January 3. Today is my eight year anniversary of coming to Christ and sobriety from drugs and alcohol.

    I have a counseling session this morning and the thing burdening my heart is how long the struggle has been to find complete and total surrender and supernatural peace and joy in Christ… I mean c’min, 8 damn years and still facing wonky unpredictable emotions, fears and self-reproach born from childhood traumas and neglect.

    And when I start whining at God about how long it’s taking he just says I understand, I love you, stay the course… and in that I’m comforted.

    Awesome Post, thank you!

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    • Congratulations on the eight years anniversary. Most people have some baggage and even that takes time to get through. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and I’m glad my post helped. Grace and blessings my friend.

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