Four Reasons I Think Jesus Really Existed|Trent Horn

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This is a WordPress repost of an excellent article originally authored by Trent Horn.  Trent Horn is a Catholic Christian Apologist.  The link to this article will be provided immediately below and I will also provide two additional links underneath which addresses many of the standard arguments one finds on the Internet that refute the existence of Jesus. You might want to bookmark these links for future reference.

The two additional links that are authored by Tim O’Neill (same website but Tim is an atheist blogger) are as follows:

Please note as one of these authors is an atheist, I am obviously ONLY recommending these three linked articles which I have personally checked out.

Don’t forget, I have numerous other resource links available on my “Christian Resources” webpage!

Worthy is the Lamb! Blessings!





  1. Aw … you fixed it up, and I didn’t even get a mention. You old meany , you!
    The speed of Horn’s conversion should be considered a miracle, I reckon!

    Peace, Mr Bruce, and may your god go with you.

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    • Hi Doug, it would have taken too long to explain it all in the actual post but I’ll gladly acknowledge you catching that Horn was actually a Christian and thank you for it here. Cute joke about the miracle. Must be that keen sense of humor of yours! Best wishes to you also. 🙂


      • I am curious though why you linked O’Neill’s article as he is almost vitriolic at times in his dismissal of the miracle working Christ figure of the bible?


      • Sorry for the “Gary” I meant Doug, grey cells are slipping away. What you say may in deed be true but in these two particular links he deals specifically with the historical evidence for the person of Jesus Christ and I thought that he did a pretty good job of that. You’ll note that I did put a bit of a disclaimer in there that I only recommended the three specific links I provided. The fact that he is an atheist provides recognition from a hostile environment, so to speak.


      • O’Neill vociferously defends the historicity of Yeshua (Jesus) but not Jesus Christ .
        I know what the word means and that Christians like to think of it as a name but it really isn’t.
        This might seem nitpicking but it is important not to mix our fruits and O’Neill certainly doesn’t consider him to be ”Christ.”


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