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If your not familiar with IAHR and would like to learn more about this organization just click here.

It would appear that the International Association of Healing Rooms, headed by Cal Pierce is expanding. Here’s the link to their bold new initiative:


Healing Rooms Global Network is their newest push forward. All of the information that I am briefly going to identify comes from the link directly above. Don’t take my word for it, check it out yourself.

Cal Pierce, the Director of IAHR, is encouraging everyone within IAHR to join the new HRGN. To keep this relatively brief I will do a short summary of the information on their new site in bullet form:

  • Get equipped to bring healing, signs and wonders to the world today
  • Join our Apostolic and Prophetic Network
  • Be empowered through current revelation
  • Healing, signs and wonders will be brought about by the Great Awakening
  • You’ll be mentored by some of the most profound Prophetic and Apostolic voices
  • If you register as an individual ($99.00 annual) and pay for a whole year you’ll get a free copy of the Passion Translation Bible, just pay for the shipping
  • When you register for a whole year as a church or organization  ($299.00 annual) you’ll be able to download the School of Transformation, which among other enticing instructions includes participating in the Seven Mountains of Society
  • Teachings from Cal Pierce, Bill Johnson, Kris Valloton, Graham Cooke, Johnny Enlow, Shawn Botz, Randy Clark, Danny Silk and Tom and Sharon Murphy
  • You’ll be equipped to bring prophetic words to people in your city

You’ll recall I’ve identified the doctrine that IAHR adheres to with the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) movement in previous posts (see link at the top of this post). If you note the words highlighted in bold above, I think it’s pretty clear that the IAHR and now the HRGN is checking off most, if not all, of the boxes associated with the NAR.

I especially like the inference that you’ll be empowered through current revelation. That would be current versus old revelation, old being the Bible. No red flag there. The Great Awakening ties in nicely with the Seven Mountains Mandate which I’ve covered previously here. And then that list of profound Prophetic and Apostolic mentors, no NAR Apostles in there, unless of course you actually do any research on any one of them. Throwing in the Passion Translation is a nice touch, only problem being, it’s not a translation.


Let’s say you’re a born again Christian and you participate in the Healing Rooms because praying for healing for people is a good and scriptural thing to do. But even though you are aware that the IAHR is directed by an Apostle of the NAR and the books that you are required to read and follow, are all authored by Cal Pierce and the program of training you are obliged to follow is laid out by Cal Pierce, the actual doctrines of the NAR are not really that self evident and you feel confident that what you are personally doing (praying for people) is NOT associated with the NAR. I’ve heard it stated, “What we do is not NAR!”  OK, let’s do a bit of a check.

If the books you are taught from are written by a NAR Apostle, and they are,
If the Director(s) of your Healing Room had to take training written by a NAR Apostle, and agree to follow it, and they did,
If the doctrine you are being taught in all your training books is NAR, and it is,
If all the people who will be instructing you in the new HRGN are NAR, and they are,
If the Bible that you’re encouraged to use is NAR, and it is,
If the School of Transformation teaches NAR doctrine, and it does,

Then, if you seriously think that you are NOT being indoctrinated into the NAR movement, you are either incredibly naive or you have made a conscious decision to continue to associate with this organization regardless of the consequences.

And I would then ask you…. why?

Is it for your glorification or is it for God’s?

Did you pick this path for you or did He?

Does light have fellowship with darkness?

And if light does not have fellowship with darkness, why are you still there?

The Apostle Paul said as the end times approach there would be a falling away, not a Great Awakening. (2nd Thessalonians 2:9-11 NIV) (Read it!)

In Matthew 7:21-23 NIV Jesus warns us about many prophesying, driving out demons, performing miracles in His Name and He says to them “… depart from me you workers of lawlessness.” Lawlessness is when multitudes do what is right in their eyes, not what is right in the eyes of God.

Jesus warned us to judge by the fruit from the tree.

Please, please, LOOK AT THE FRUIT OF THE TREE of the New Apostolic Reformation and the International Association of Healing Rooms!

Worthy is the Lamb! Blessings!












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  1. Thanks for speaking the truth. This is very important for all of us to understand. The NAR is very dangerous.

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