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This is a WordPress report of an excellent article authored by Gavin Peacock from the www.reformandamin.org website. Gavin is a pastor at Calvary Grace Church of Calgary and the Director of International Outreach for The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood.

In our current culture, where what is “acceptable” and what is “not acceptable” within our society, is continually changing, the tenants of Christianity are rapidly being watered down until in fact the Gospel becomes no gospel at all. And if you can successfully attack and dismantle the inerrancy of God’s Word, you erode God’s truth, which is the framework upon which Christianity stands. Popular … no, cause for tension from without and within, guaranteed, but the inerrancy of God’s sure Word is of the utmost importance.

Inerrancy means that the Bible, in its original manuscripts, is “without error in all that it affirms.” For the first sixteen centuries of church history inerrancy was accepted. People believed that the Bible was written by men, but men who “spoke from God” and were “moved by the Holy Spirit” (2 Peter 1:21). With the Age of Reason in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries came Enlightenment thinking which had the effect of raising the thoughts of man above the mind of God.

In this same vein, German Higher Criticism in the early 1800’s deconstructed the Scriptures and they were left with a Bible of many errors. This caused a debate as to the nature and authority of Scripture. Some became anti-supernaturalists, denying the miracles: some questioned the historicity of events and even a historical Adam. Darwin’s influence had the effect of casting doubt upon the trustworthiness of the book of Genesis and the doctrine of inerrancy began to be discarded by the church.

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    1. What exactly crumbles? Does God cease to exist without an innerant bible? Perhaps your faith may crumble but that has no effect on the reality of who God is. I seem to have brought out Bruce’s religious spirit with some comments I made yesterday. Without the bible, religious institutions crumble, but God remains the Rock.


      1. Stephen, God is the same yesterday, today and forever. The flower fades, the grass dies, but His word lasts forever. For sinful, willful and prideful man, there has to be a rock, a solid foundation, which is God AND the word He gave which mankind builds their life and faith on. Otherwise it is building a house on unstable soil instead of a solid foundation. The reality of who God is mirrored in the reality the word He gave. Peace to you.


    2. Much Peace to you as well Jeff. You didn’t answer my question though. I didn’t ask you to justify your beliefs. I asked a simple question “does God cease to exist if the bible isn’t inerrant?”
      I find it odd that biblical literalist insist on contradicting what is actually written in the bible.
      Whether logos or rhema, the word “word” never refers to the canon we call the bible.
      As a matter of fact, according to the bible, the Word is Jesus Christ Himself. No where in the bible does the word “word” refer to the bible, the bible didn’t even exist when these letters were written.
      Such Ray Comfort and Ravi Zacharias style grifting does nothing to advance the Kingdom of God.
      With a simple “Blue letter bible” search, one can tear down most religious teachings of men.

      I’m not trying to sew discord discord. I’m just as concerned about what people teach in the name of God. But truthfully, what I see here the other side of the same religious schekel.

      You guy’s are borderline bible worshippers. Jesus Christ never promised no book and any writings contained in the bible do not represent the bible. The bible did not exist in that period.

      I will ask one more time, Does God cease to exist if the bible is not inerrant?
      Try to be like Jesus and simply answer my question. Jesus was a master at simplifying spiritual things. Once Jesus ascended, religious leaders came back and complicated everything with their doctrines and apologetics as they had before Jesus ministry.


      1. Hi Stephen, I’m gonna jump in for Jeff. I’ll answer your question. The answer is no, He would not cease to exist if the Bible was found to be inerrant. And, you’re correct, when Jesus walked the earth the Bible as we now know it did not exist, just the Old Testament, of which Jesus quoted often. You and I have already established that our views differ significantly regarding the innerancy of the Bible. We don’t worship God’s Word but we hold it in very high esteem, big difference. The condescending attitude is neither necessary or appreciated. The opinion expressed in the Chicago Statement of Biblical Innerancy along with the supporting doctrine pretty well spells out my views on the subject. If you don’t agree with that, that’s your call but please refrain from making insulting accusations. I have not done that to you and I would appreciate it if you would reciprocate.

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      2. Stephen, in all due respect, your questions, there were two, were answered. I’m sorry you don’t like my answer.

        For someone who claims they are “not trying to sew discord”, I find it interesting that your words and reasoning want to debate, disagree or argue. You won’t convince me that Scripture has errors; I won’t convince you otherwise. May you live your last name for the cause of Christ!

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