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This is a WordPress repost of an excellent article originating from Matthew at his matthew2262.wordpress.com blog. I’ve encountered this criticism a few times myself and thought that you might enjoy the manner in which Matthew deals with this common misunderstanding.


When I first became a Christian I had a question that I mulled over every time I looked up into the night sky: Why did God make such a large universe? Why countless galaxies, nebula, stars, etc? Especially considering that the vast majority of the universe could not even be seen by man until very recently, when considering the entire history of human presence on earth, with the advent of telescopic technology.

Some common default Christian answers have been that God created countless nebula and galaxies to show case his Glory and how great He is. And though I agree that contemplating the surreal size of the universe is a very humbling and awe-inspiring notion of God’s greatness, it cannot be the sole reason for its existence. After all, we didn’t even know of the universe’s wide expanses until recently. Additionally, for God to create so much just to “show off,” doesn’t seem like the God of the Bible. God does not suffer from an identity-crisis and need to impress us to validate Himself. Our God is rational, and therefore there must be a rational reason why he created such a large and expansive universe. Otherwise, the vast stretches of universe we don’t see is just a huge waste of time.

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4 comments on “A Wasteful God | Matthew2262’s Blog
  1. bcparkison says:

    My simple mind just excepts that God is God.


    • Bruce says:

      Nothing at all wrong with that Beverly but it’s still kind of neat how we’re finding out logical and scientific reasons for so much of which we so often take for granted.

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  2. Fascinating! Thanks for sharing it.
    I guess it could also be considered overly extravagant for God to send His perfect Son to die for a bunch of totally undeserving sinners …

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  3. Very helpful. Great resource. Blessings.

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