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american gospel

I don’t know if you have heard about this documentary. What I can provide you with is the first 40 minutes of this documentary which is available on YouTube here.  “American Gospel: Christ Alone” is a feature documentary that is 2 hours and 20 minutes in duration. The following is the first 40 minutes of the film, followed by testimony from viewers. The total time for the 40 minute portion is actually 58 minutes and 33 seconds because it includes some testimony from viewers. PLEASE take the time to view the additional 18 minutes of the testimonies from viewers.

I’ve watched the first 58 minute portion available here. It is outstanding, the simple Gospel of Christ. It was simply beautiful to hear and see.

Here is the URL address for the documentaries website: where you can can purchase the media option of choice for the whole documentary via the View Now option.

Some of the people who are featured in this documentary are:

Paul Washer

Nabeel Qureshi

Ray Comfort

Dr. Steven J lawson and many others

And here are just some of the reviews it is receiving:

“This is the best clarifying juxtaposition of truth and prosperity preaching I know of. I pray millions of people around the world will watch this for the glory of Christ and his Good News.”
– John Piper

“The great strength of the film is that it’s not only a negative examination of the Word of Faith movement, but also a very positive and helpful examination of biblical truth. Those who watch it will not only be convinced that the prosperity gospel is evil, but they will also know exactly why it is so evil.”
– Tim Challies

“American Gospel: Christ Alone is thoughtful, compelling, and, most importantly, God honoring.”
– John Ellis​

I would strongly recommend you watch it.

Worthy is the Lamb! Blessings!



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13 comments on “American Gospel : Christ Alone
  1. Will definitely check it out soon. I read Nabeel Qureshi’s book “Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus” – three times – and have shared it with countless people.

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  2. Bill Sweeney says:

    I opened the window and will definitely make time to watch it this week, brother. Looks really good.


  3. SLIMJIM says:

    Wow glad to see you sharing this; saw this being shared all over the internet yesterday


  4. Jeff Rab says:

    This will be on my watch list!!

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