Nabeel Qureshi’s Presentation – Seeking Allah Finding Jesus


I don’t know if you are aware of who Nabeel Qureshi was or if you’ve ever had the opportunity to read any of his books but Nabeel was special. It’s difficult to put into words how his life and his struggle touched me. Nabeel left this world on the 16th of September 2017 due to stomach cancer. When Nabeel died I felt as if I had lost a brother.

In the video below, Nabeel Qureshi gives an account of his life as a Muslim and his journey from Islam to Christianity as documented in his book, Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus.

The following YouTube video runs for about 1 hour and 23 minutes. The video of this live event was originally simulcast to a limited number of churches, at that time, but has not been widely available until now.

If you’re not a Christian, watch it. It’s a testimony to the reality of God.
If you are a Christian, watch it. It’s a testimony to the reality of God.






  1. I love this man. I read “Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus” three times, also his book “Answering Jihad.”
    I remember his final video, taken in the hospital a day or two before he died. He asked for prayers for his healing, but when he prayed, he ended with telling the Lord he trusted Him.
    He finished well.


  2. This is an amazing testimony that I will never forget. My prayer is that I will see the world in a new way, like Nabeel described. Thank you for sharing this beautiful story of God’s love.

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  3. For Muslims important is to convey (not to force) message of Allah to accept Islam will get Paradise the rejectors will go to Hellfires. Whoever will declare Shahadah / witness { ” asha-hadu unlaa ilaaha il-lal-laah wa-asha-hadu unna Moham-madan ab-duhu wa rasoo-luhu —-> I bear witness none has the right to be worshipped but Allah, and I bear witness Mohammed pbuh is His slave and messenger .} will go to Paradise. So accept Islam.


    • Hello Ahmed, thank you for responding. Mohammed didn’t rise from the dead, Jesus did, so you’ll pardon me if I trust in Him.


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