Is God Real? The Bacterial Flagellum and the Divine Design Inference | J Warner Wallace

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Of all the arguments related to the existence of God, the argument from the appearance of design is perhaps the most intuitive and visual. As we examine and observe the complexity (and inter-connectivity) of biological systems, we can’t help but come away with the impression these organisms and cellular micro-machines have been carefully crafted by a master artist. One such complex micro-machine has been heralded above all others in teleological arguments for the existence of God. Bacterial flagella remain a mystery to scientists who recognize them as a marvel of machine-like precision. Harvard biophysicist, Howard Berg, has publicly described the bacterial flagellum as “the most efficient machine in the universe.”  Is God real? The bacterial flagellum is best explained by God’s existence as the Intelligent Designer of biological systems.

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  1. When I was in nursing school many years ago, the more I learned about the complexity of the human body, the more difficult it was for me to hold on to my agnostic/atheist beliefs.

    One day, my assignment was to observe an open heart triple bypass procedure. The surgeon suggested that I stand on a foot stool at the patient’s head for the best view. From my front row perch, I watched as the surgeon cut open the patient’s sternum and retracted his rib cage. Then I stared in amazement at the rolling, pumping heart flanked by billowing, breathing lungs.

    “How did this evolve all by itself out of nothing?” I asked myself.

    I was a stubborn agnostic/atheist. I did not become a Christian believer for several more years. As a Mensa member with a high IQ, I thought I was too intelligent for “fairy tales”. Now I look back on my unbelief and wonder how I was ever so stupid.


    • Hi Linda Lee, I often think, when it comes time that we all stand before Christ, what thoughts will go through those who had so much that witnessed to the reality of God, all around them and within them, and that they somehow missed it all. We think we are so smart yet in reality we know very little and the little we know has been cloaked in denial by those who deny and far too many buy into it without ever really looking. The “simple” cell is far from simple and that’s not even the very beginning. Thank you for sharing, sincerely appreciate. Grace and blessing!

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