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These “tips” are not new or earth shattering but the key is not knowing them but actually doing them.


1. Commit your day to the Lord and seek His consul and guidance. Literally, don’t start your day without thanking Him for the day He has given us and requesting His guidance and assistance. This is more important than breakfast. Do it.


2. Feed on His Word daily. It is absolutely vital to our growth and well being. We need His Word in us, daily. Drink of His Holy Spirit as He reveals of Himself to us. Learn to listen and obey. Do it.


3. Take the time to commune with Him in prayer daily. Praise Him, thank Him, seek His will to be worked out in our lives. Tell Him all of your concerns and worries. He cares for you. Do it.


4. When an opportunity presents itself to pray for someone or something, do it right away. Just bow your head and do it then. Good intentions have a way of being forgotten, if you learn to address these opportunities right away, none of them will be missed. And thank Him for answered prayer. Watch for answered prayer, there’s a lot more than you think. Do it.


5. Learn to appreciate and recognize His faithfulness, His grace, His love, His mercy, His patience, towards you. When you learn to recognize what He does for you, you’ll be much more likely to be willing to do it for others. Do it.


6. As opportunities present themselves to do for others, especially to the household of God, do it. Little things like kindness to others, a lifting word, a warm hug, a helping hand. Tell those that you love, that you love them. Tell those that you care for, that you care. Be like Johnny Appleseed but leave words of encouragement where ever you go. Earnestly thank those who you sometimes take for granted. Do it.


7. Learn to recognize and action the needs of others over your own. Take the time to pray and lift up our persecuted brethren in countries like China, India, Africa and elsewhere, especially those who are in prisons or jails. Our prayers are on the alter of incense in the Holy of Holies, being presented to our Father through our advocate and High Priest, Jesus, the Christ. We are called to lift one another up in prayer. If this wasn’t important God wouldn’t ask us to do it. Prayer is for us, it changes all of us. It is His will. Do it.


These “things” that we all can do are like the different ingredients that go into making home made soup, individually they don’t seem that critical but put them all together and the result is a savory offering to the Lord that He is well pleased with and …. the Church, the body of Christ, is going to thrive on the soup!

Worthy is the Lamb! Blessings!




Disciple of Jesus, married to Peggy, with 5 grown up children, 7 grand children, ex-Canadian Armed Forces and residing in beautiful Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. a.k.a. "Papa"

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15 comments on “Helpful Tips
  1. Hi Bruce! Great practical tips! I can get stuck on number 4 and I pray earnestly that God will open my eyes and make me sensitive to the opportunities that surround me. If I am at the park and I sense that God wants me to pray for someone not just silently but with them, I will have a restlessness in my being like I cannot describe. The times when I have turned around and went and prayed with that person have been some of the sweetest times. The more we obediently respond to God’s opportunities, the more we will have. Bruce, I am praying for you!

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  2. These are excellent. Great insight for me. I am praying that the Holy Spirit will give me the power to do more.


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  3. lynnabbott says:

    Perfect! So much wisdom in your posts, Bruce! And this is no exception. A life saturated with God’s Word and committed to abiding in Him is a taste of Heaven! Thank you for this post! By the way, my son has taken a renewed interest in apologetics and I gave him the link to your blog. While he probably won’t comment, you can be sure that your blog is making an impact! I’m grateful for all that you post here: both on my own account and for my son’s sake as well! May God bless you more than you have ever imagined! 🙂 🙂

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  4. dettinger47 says:

    Simple, straight forward, practical, and so very important!

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  5. Cindy Dawson says:

    #4 speaks to me personally because many friends on FB ask for prayer. I should pray for them right then. The enemy will say that’s not good enough. But it is! Like you said, “Good intentions have a way of being forgotten.” Blessings, Bruce!

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  6. “Be like Johnny Appleseed but leave words of encouragement where ever you go.” Love the mental picture! I’ll tuck that away, and someday we’ll enjoy the orchards God grew through us. 😉

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  7. Excellent tips, Bruce! I especially like the reminder to pray right away. Becuse it is true, we do sometimes forget to do it later.


  8. SLIMJIM says:

    Good advice Bruce

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