The ‘Unplanned’ Influence of the New Apostolic Reformation on a Box Office Success — Spirit Of Error

If you are familiar with the infiltration of the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) being made into the Church at large, this post is important. Please read it.

On March 29, the film Unplanned debuted in packed theaters across the United States. It took fourth place at the box office for two weekends in a row, grossing nearly $12.5 million. Unplanned dramatizes a true story told by Abby Johnson, a former clinic director for Planned Parenthood. Johnson left the organization after observing, firsthand, the…

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  1. I was told long ago that Satan will use an ocean of truth to float one lie. It seems that an otherwise “good” message in this movie has to be accompanied by that grain of untruth.

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  2. Bruce, could you provide some links to articles where the questionable beliefs and practices of the NAR are explained? I have come across this before, so I am somewhat familiar with the deception surrounding this movement, but I have not looked into it for a while now. So, any info you can provide would be most appreciated. Thanks!


  3. Hi Sue, I’ve heard of Greg Gordon but never really looked into his personal articles or beliefs. I did find this article that he published wherein he speaks of Apostolic succession: I’ve always viewed the authoritative position of Apostles as eye-witnesses ,those being the 12 that Jesus selected, plus the replacement of Judas by Matthias and of course the Apostle Paul, who again was selected by the risen Christ. Greg’s comments in the linked post would have one believe that the authoritative position still is ongoing, which I would have a tendency to disagree with, not to mention that it leaves the door wide open for the NAR to make similar claims. Apostolic succession in the Roman Catholic church is traced back to the Apostle Peter but with the NAR there is no linkage to past Apostles at all and it is virtually wide open to anyone who makes the claim, which in my opinion is totally unbiblical. This particular statement in the linked post is particularly troubling where he states “Is it wrong for a modern movement to claim to be be simply following the book of Acts today? No.” When it comes to authoritative Apostles like we find in the NAR movement, I would have to disagree. I haven’t seen Greg Gordon’s name associated with the NAR movement anywhere so I would think that he is not directly associated with them, although it would be interesting to see what he might say with regard to their version of Apostolic succession. Definitely gets a little messy doesn’t it? Here is a link that provides an overview of the NAR Apostolic legacy: Hope this helps – Bruce

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    • I read that. I know only a few names they mentioned.

      But, I have experienced some of this type of thinking, though, in various churches we have attended over the years, which came out of the Rick Warren Purpose Driven Church movement, i.e. pastors becoming more like cult leaders and their congregants more like cult followers. Teaching their people that pastors are godlike who are to be followed without question and raising the teachings of men above the scriptures.


      • You’re right Sue, I’ve seen that myself. But there are still a good number of honest God fearing Pastors out there trying to feed the sheep, and I’m thankful for that.

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