Many Years Ago In Jerusalem


Many years ago, I had the opportunity to spend a week in Jerusalem during the summer. I walked around the entire area of old Jerusalem, including the Temple Mount area, knowing that by doing so, somewhere deep below my feet, Jesus had walked over the same area. They were doing excavations at the time I was there and had recently discovered a huge set of steps leading up to Temple Mount. I saw large boulders that had been knocked down in 70 AD, when the Temple had been destroyed,  and had just then, in this particular area, been uncovered. I’ll never forget it. And I can remember the first time that my eyes gazed upon the Mount of Olives from the Temple Mount area.

When I think of Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a donkey colt, I can almost smell it and feel it. It makes everything that transpired during that week feel different from what we read, not that it is, but I can almost see it happening in my mind, rather than just words. These events that are recorded happening to Jesus, in the Gospels, actually happened, in this very city. The time that Jesus had so often said was not yet, had finally come.

It’s hard to picture Jesus in my mind because I’ve never seen Him but I know I would recognize Him if I saw Him. It’s hard to imagine looking at God, but that is what we’d be doing if we saw Him then. God’s Son, in the flesh, walking on this earth. It’s hard to get your head wrapped around that, but this also, is what really happened. He walked on the same ground that we walk on, breathed the same air, drank and ate and sang hymns like we do.

But He was also very different from you and I. He perfectly followed the Father’s will, He spoke with authority because He and the Father are one. The truths that He gave us, the miracles that He did, literally everything that Jesus did, was in response to the will of the Father, even unto His own death. The reality of what was going to take place and why it was necessary and what it represented should really stop all of us in our tracks. That’s Jesus, the Messiah, the Son of God, giving His life to atone for our sins because there simply is no other way in which it could have been done. We could never, in and of ourselves, be holy like God is holy because our oneness with God had been broken and humanity had gone it’s own way. But God is Holy. The lamb of God without blemish, sacrificed for you and for me, so that through Him, we could again be one with our Heavenly Father.

Most of us view this life that we have been given as a gift, and it surely is. None of us earned the right to be born, none of us deserve or have earned all that God provides but the greatest love that has ever been demonstrated is the love of our heavenly Father towards us, in that He would ask His Son to lay down His perfect life for us, His perfect obedience, so that we, through Him, can be redeemed back into the Kingdom of God, through faith in the accomplished work of His Son. And the part that is even more mind boggling is that Jesus, understood all of this as no one else possibly could and was willing to do it, even when the body that He was in, had to endure the cross. God’s love for us is that great and Jesus knew it and willingly chose to demonstrate the depth of the Father’s love for us.

This can be a hard week if one truly reflects on the price that our sins extracted. Sin is real and it truly separates us from a Holy God. There is no darkness in perfect light, no areas of grey. God is Holy and one day we shall fully understand the beauty of that holiness and the depth of His love.

A real universe that shouldn’t really be here, a real planet earth that shines like a diamond in the night because of it’s rare composure and endowments, that displays but a taste of, what yet is to come. A real Creator God, who walked on this earth as the promised Messiah, who fulfilled the fore telling of His arrival, ministry, death and resurrection, through His prophets, so that we might begin to understand, turn from our unholy ways and believe and trust in Him. The resurrection of Jesus, God’s only begotten Son, is God’s proof and His promise to us, who believe.

I shall reflect in this week what He endured for you and me, I shall trust in His redemption that He offers us and I shall rejoice in His resurrection.

John 14:19 NIV  “Before long, the world will not see me anymore, but you will see me. Because I live, you also will live.

Worthy is the Lamb! Blessings!



  1. Great post!! Almost two years ago we were in Israel for a week….Bruce, I am still chewing on it and digesting it. I still can’t get my mind around what I saw and learned. I still think of the littlest things sometimes from that week that are just a tiny pebble but become a huge foundation stone. It increases your faith, or at least it did mine!!

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