How Should We Share Our Faith On-Line (Or Should We Do It At All)? | J Warner Wallace


I’ve encountered a lot of advice about how and if one should use on-line opportunities to share the Christian faith over the years but I think one would be hard-put to improve upon the wise advice of J Warner Wallace in this post of his that goes back to January of 2015. Take the time to consider his advice, I think you’ll be glad you did.

The growth of the Internet has given all of us the opportunity to reach and connect with people we would never otherwise meet. There are many places where people post what they believe on any number of topics, including issues related to faith and reason. Twitter, Facebook, Christian and non-Christian message boards; the choices are daunting. I get email all the time from believers who have been frustrated by their efforts to share what they believe, particularly when discussing issues of faith with non-believers. It can be brutal out there and the level of vitriol and passion is sometimes overwhelming. After taking a berating on-line, several people have written to ask if it is still wise to share what we believe on the Internet, given the nature of discourse that often occurs. I’ve also struggled with this, even as a Christian apologist! Given many failures and a few successes, I’d like to offer a few words of advice.

To read the rest of this excellent post, please click on the direct link to the article below:


  1. Excellent advice! I especially appreciate what he said about time constraints. We should definitely answer every objection, even if it to explain that we are out of time and suggest that we continue the discussion at a later time. (Or invite them to continue the discussion via email.) For the especially combative person, I’ve also used my old standby, “I think we’re going to have to agree to disagree on this. Have a good day.”


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