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I’ve decided to put my “Personal Observations” posts on hold for the time being. As some of you may know, my focus as of late has been to go through the entire Bible yet once again, only this time very slowly, paying particular attention to each and every word and that particular leading is going very well. I’m half way through Judges right now and also half way through Luke. With regard to the Holy Scriptures, that’s where I’m supposed to be.

I’ve also been dealing with some realities of the flesh as of late, nothing off the wall but limitations related to the aging process and some infrequent “popping up” of some of my humanistic tendencies. God has been gracious, as always, and damage has been minimal, at least what I am aware of, but these “tendencies” of mine remind me that I desperately need to remain focused on Jesus. It’s amazing how priorities seem to almost self organize when the end of the road is in sight.

What I’m talking about is the old onion analogy, where the layers are continually being peeled away and I’m either being reminded of some old or newly seen deficiencies. I’m also aware of the complexity of so many things around me, be it relationships, attitudes or the complications involved in so many different areas of Christian involvement. At times, one can’t help but feel that the ocean is so big and my little ship is so small.

I turned 74 in April and it is shocking how many mental and physical limitations are surfacing. It just makes me so aware of how limited and precious time is and the importance of staying on course. Don’t take you energy levels or mental capabilities for granted, they will diminish.

I’ve also been doing a lot of knocking on God’s door with regard to unanswered prayer. God tells us to keep knocking or asking and I’m pretty sure I’m leaving some knuckle marks on His door. Unsaved children and their families weigh heavily on my mind and spirit. Seems I’ve been doing a lot of hugging recently.

I am so grateful for the many brothers and sisters that I have come to know on the Internet. I mention a lot of you daily in my prayers. Such a variety of personalities, each of us with our own trials and tribulations, pursuing our walk with our loving God. The richness and variety within the body of Christ is amazing.

So there we are, nothing earth shattering to report. I hope all of you have a blessed week!

Worthy is the Lamb! Blessings!



  1. I’ve enjoyed your observation on Genesis; actually I enjoy your blog. I appreciate you sharing all this as this prompted me to pray for you. Especially with unsaved love ones. I seriously slowed down and meditated on the truth that energy will diminish. Thank you for sharing that.


  2. Happy belated birthday, Bruce! I hear you about unsaved loved ones. Don’t give up. Mary’s mom is 86 (she lives with us) and finally came to Christ last August.


    • Thanks Bill! I’ve seen God do that before in my family and I’m counting on Him to do it again. I keep reminding Him that I’m still asking. Blessings to you and yours as always!


  3. Yes, unsaved children, or those that accepted the Lord early on, but have gotten off track, are a great concern of every Christian parent. Oh that the Holy Spirit will be able to reach their hearts.

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