Star Light and the Age of the Universe | Greg Kouki

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When you look up into the midnight sky do you see stars?  Or are the lights in the heavens mere appearances, images created in transit?  The answer settles the question of whether the creation of the universe was recent or ancient.

      One fact has continued to hold my attention in the ongoing debate between creationists on the age of the universe.  I can see stars.  On a clear night I see thousands of them.  Astronomers seem to know a lot about these twinkling specks of light in the heavens, even though they are very far away.

This observation prompts a simple question for those who believe the universe is relatively young–thousands of years old and not billions.  Do stars exist?  Are these astronomers measuring characteristics of actual heavenly bodies when they apply their discipline?

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  1. I sure appreciate it when those who believe in Jesus Christ are honest and not just trying to support traditions of men. It goes a long way in making disciples instead of proselytes. When Jesus claimed the road was narrow I don’t think He was talking about a 2.2 billion strong religion industry. “Few there be that find it” perhaps Jesus made a mistake when He professed this statement? I personally don’t think so.
    Thanks for sharing, it was an interesting read Bruce.


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