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As any of you folks that have followed my blog for any amount of time know, I continue to be a fan of Teri Dugan.  Matter of fact, I have two of my pages on this blog dedicated to studies that she has authored on Defending Your Faith 101 and Case Making 101

In addition, Teri has authored and completed an additional excellent series on the OLD TESTAMENT, the links for this series can be located here: https://bcooper.wordpress.com/2019/01/19/a-case-for-the-old-testament-teri-dugan/

As noted previously, these are excellent studies that Teri puts together and anyone that would like to get a better grounding and understanding of the Old and New Testaments would have a pretty hard time going wrong with Teri’s case studies.

If you haven’t already bookmarked Teri’s website, please do, as it contains a wealth of well researched information.

What I will be doing in this particular post is providing the direct links to Teri’s newest series on THE CASE FOR CHRIST AND A STUDY OF THE NEW TESTAMENT.

Please note that I will continue to update this post with additional posts that Teri authors on her newest series as she publishes them, until this study is concluded.

  1. a-case-for-christ-and-a-study-of-the-new-testament-the-importance-of-prayer/
  2. a-case-for-christ-and-a-study-of-the-new-testament-the-importance-of-studying-the-bible-in-context/
  3. a-case-for-christ-and-the-new-testament-why-do-we-need-to-train-ourselves-and-the-next-generation-in-christian-apologetics/
  4. a-case-for-christ-and-the-new-testament-do-statistics-support-the-need-for-christian-apologetics/
  5. a-case-for-christ-and-the-new-testament-what-is-discipleship-and-why-is-it-important/
  6. a-case-for-christ-and-the-new-testament-why-we-cannot-unhitch-the-old-testament-from-the-new-testament/
  7. a-case-for-christ-and-the-new-testament-what-was-going-on-between-the-old-and-new-testament/
  8. a-case-for-christ-and-the-new-testament-what-is-new-testament-apologetics/
  9. a-case-for-christ-and-the-new-testament-introduction-to-the-gospels-why-are-there-differences-between-them/
  10. a-case-for-christ-and-the-new-testament-the-historical-jesus-101/
  11. a-case-for-christ-and-the-new-testament-the-resurrection-apologetic-101/
  12. a-case-for-christ-and-the-new-testament-is-jesus-the-only-way-to-heaven/
  13. a-case-for-christ-and-the-new-testament-when-did-the-christian-church-begin/
  14. a-case-for-christ-and-the-new-testament-who-was-involved-in-the-establishment-of-the-christian-church-and-what-was-going-on-at-the-time/
  15. a-case-for-christ-and-the-new-testament-what-is-the-importance-of-the-great-commission/
  16. a-case-for-christ-and-the-new-testament-the-deity-of-jesus/
  17. a-case-for-christ-and-the-new-testament-does-prophecy-confirm-jesus-as-the-promised-messiah/
  18. a-case-for-christ-and-the-new-testament-who-was-the-apostle-paul-and-why-is-he-an-important-figure-in-the-early-church/
  19. a-case-for-christ-and-the-new-testament-why-are-the-epistles-important-in-making-a-case/
  20. a-case-for-christ-and-the-new-testament-the-importance-of-the-book-of-revelation/

Many thanks to Teri Dugan!

Worthy is the Lamb! Blessings!




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