Beyond a Mere Christianity | Frances Rogers


This is a picture of Frances and her husband Jerry. Please take the time to read her “About” page where she presents a short overview of her husband and herself and their walk of faith.

If you haven’t already subscribed to Frances Rogers’ blog, God’s Grace ~ God’s Glory! you really should. I’ve been following Fran for some time now and she is indeed a most humble and very learned Christian lady that possesses profound practical insight into God’s Holy Word that is indeed a rarity and a gift to all of us.  She’s the kind of woman that when she speaks, you would want to quickly stop talking and earnestly listen. The links that are provided below are her chapter by chapter posts that she has been sharing on her blog since June 15, 2018. I’ve been following and reading them since she started posting the chapters and it wasn’t long before I knew that what Fran was sharing was meant to be slowly and prayerfully digested, as one would appreciate and savour a fine dining meal.

In the post of her last chapter of her book entitled “Beyond a Mere Christianity” Frances states the following:

“In this book Beyond a Mere Christianityposted chapter by chapter since June 15, 2018, I have referenced books by C.S. Lewis, Francis Schaeffer, and Oswald Chambers as points of those who wrote in the past and one sermon by Jonathan Edwards. Their works were not meant to be used against them but to be a means of reference to what the Lord is still doing, that others may experience things that they may not have written ~ to encourage further personal study and gleaning of God’s Word.

If we take seriously what is written in the previous chapters of this book, we see the makings of the Holy Spirit’s work in the hearts and lives of men. We have written of the truth that there is no status quo to Christianity. While some may experience a low profile of faith, others have been called to live sacrificially.

Either of these requires the supernatural power and presence of God to change the hearts of men. In these following last references, we see the life Christ came to give. It is an abundant life (John 10:10) beginning here and now that transitions us from this life into the next. Those who have this life in Christ are willing to die for His name’s sake to keep this life forever.”

My intent, is to go through Fran’s chapters again, only this time much more slowly and prayerfully, to absorb more of the richness of God’s Word that she shares with us. My hope is that you’ll do the same thing. So here they are, chapter by chapter (multiple links within the first link and the concluding link by itself). Thank you Francis, we are indeed indebted to you for your labour of love and devotion to our Saviour.



  1. Dear Bruce, what a blessing to know that the Lord has spoken to your heart in this last year of posts. I was not sure at the beginning if this would be a book but the Lord has led me to put it in that form for future generations. We add this one to the others and continue to share what He gives. We are blessed to have WordPress as a platform to publish the good news of His kingdom. How bountiful are His treasures to us. I praise the Lord for you and ask HIs blessings as you continue to share with others. Fran 🙂

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